Is your transmission causing you trouble? Perhaps your vehicle is feeling really sluggish when it accelerates. Maybe you hear and feel the gears grinding every time it shifts between gears. Maybe you can’t get into gear at all and there’s nowhere you can go at all.

When you are experiencing transmission problems—whether they seem minor or major—it’s smart to get your car, truck or SUV inspected by a transmission specialist. In the Central Valley, Ralph’s Transmission is the shop to turn to with our central location in Downtown Modesto. We’ve been the local name to trust for more than 50 years!

Detailed Transmission Inspection

A thorough transmission inspection by trained transmission technicians will reveal any and all issues with the transmission or drivetrain system. All initial inspections at Ralph’s Transmissions are free, and we even offer free towing (within 30 miles) if you need help getting your vehicle to our shop. We’ll let you know what’s wrong with your transmission and what it will take to fix it. In some cases, it’s only a minor issue that can be resolved by replacing a simple part and/or performing a standard transmission service to replace the transmission fluid, filter and pan gasket.

Other times, the professional transmission inspection will reveal more significant damage to one or more major components. In this situation, you will have options. You can replace just those parts and hope there are no further issues, or you can consider a full custom transmission rebuild. We perform all our transmission rebuilds in-house at Ralph’s Transmission and each one is backed by our 3 Year, 100,000 Mile Warranty to provide you with added peace of mind.

Why Rebuild the Transmission?

The reasons for rebuilding the transmission are simple. The main advantage is that it makes sure the transmission will run like new again. Every single nut and bolt will be stripped down. All parts that are still in good shape will be properly cleaned and reinstalled, while any worn or damaged components will be replaced with new or refurbished ones. The transmission is rebuilt from scratch, reinstalled in the vehicle and road tested to ensure ideal performance. It is always going to be a more effective long-term solution to transmission problems compared to swapping out one damaged part at a time.

What if the Transmission Damage is Unrepairable?

There are rare occasions when not even a transmission rebuild will resolve the problems. Sometimes, the internal transmission damage is so bad that the only course of action is to replace it entirely. The Ralph’s Transmission service team will help you track down the best price on a new, used or rebuilt transmission that we can reinstall for you and test for proper performance.

The point is, if you’re in the Central Valley and have transmission problems, call Ralph’s Transmission today at 209.526.1909 to schedule a free transmission inspection or book your appointment online. We’ll provide you with professional transmission expertise and honest service, so you know all your transmission repair options and can make informed decisions.

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