1. A selection of Ralph's technicians holding up various awards.

    Professional Transmission Care, At Your Convenience

    Customer service always comes first at Ralph's Transmission. We have built our reputation on communication, care and quality transmission repair services. Our longtime customers know they can count on our team to treat them right and get the work done properly—in a timely manner. Working Around Yo…Read More

  2. Transmission repair

    Chevy Silverado Owner Recommends Ralph’s Transmission

    Mark works for a local construction company and drives a 2018 Chevy Silverado. He depends on this truck every day for work, so he was concerned when it started experiencing transmission problems. The transmission was slipping when shifting between lower gears and grinding at higher gears. He called …Read More

  3. An image of a fleet of white trucks.

    Transmission Maintenance for Your Truck Fleet

    Do you have a fleet of work trucks or service vehicles? Your business may depend on these heavy duty vehicles every single day, and they are generally put through a lot of wear and tear. Service providers, utility companies, Central Valley farmers, delivery services, civil services, and many more or…Read More

  4. An image of a Ralph's Technician inserting a new transmission.

    5 Common Causes of Transmission Failure

    Repairing, replacing or rebuilding a damaged transmission can be expensive. As a vehicle owner, you want to take every step you can to prevent transmission failure. This means keeping up with maintenance and being aware of common transmission issues that can occur. If you think you might have a tran…Read More

  5. A Ralph's technician works on a part that is separated from the vehicle.

    5 Questions to Ask Before a Transmission Rebuild

    If your auto mechanic is recommending a transmission rebuild, it's important to understand as much as you can about the process before you authorize the work to be done. Here are 5 of the best questions you should ask when your auto shop recommends a transmission rebuild? 1. Are You Rebuilding or Re…Read More

  6. A woman works at a large desk on a phone.

    GMC Truck Owner Appreciates Ralph’s Transmission Warranty

    Isaac drives a 2012 GMC Sierra 1500. Last year, he was experiencing major transmission problems. He brought his truck into Ralph's Transmission for a full inspection and diagnosis. Unfortunately, the vehicle had significant internal transmission damage. The torque converter was failing along with a …Read More

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    How Often Should I Change My Transmission Fluid?

    Transmission fluid is very similar to engine oil. It provides vital lubricating, cleaning and cooling properties within the transmission system. It keeps internal parts protected and working as designed, which is important for the overall performance and long-term health of your transmission. Over t…Read More

  8. The interior workings of a car.

    5 Reasons to Use a Transmission Specialist

    If you have a heart problem, you are probably going to schedule an appointment with a cardiologist. They are going to offer more specialized knowledge and experience in addressing your condition—at least compared to your general family doctor or some other sort of medical specialist. They focus on…Read More

  9. An outside look at a car part outside of the vehicle.

    What to Look for in a Transmission Repair Warranty

    Whether you are getting major transmission repairs or just having certain parts replaced, you will want to ask your repair provider about any warranties attached. Specific parts may come with a manufacturer warranty. Services performed by the transmission repair shop might also be covered in case yo…Read More