1. A technician explores the underbelly of a vehicle.

    What You Need to Know About Transmission Inspections

    At Ralph's Transmission, we will gladly provide you with a free initial transmission inspection. You can call ahead to make an appointment, stop by our downtown Modesto shop or contact us to arrange a tow. We also offer free towing within a 30-mile radius of our location. So, what exactly is include…Read More

  2. "Financing Available with 90 Days No Interest Same as Cash!"

    Customers Appreciate Free Transmission Inspections at Ralph’s

    At Ralph's Transmission, we have a number of customers each week who come into our shop and end up not getting any repairs. We're more than happy to provide free transmission diagnostics, road tests and external inspections to help you figure out what might be wrong with your vehicle. We can even pr…Read More

  3. A red GMC truck in a clearing, surrounded by pine trees.

    What Causes a Truck Transmission to Fail?

    Today's truck transmissions are more similar to standard car transmissions than ever. A vast majority of vehicles on the road these days have automatic transmission systems. Manual transmissions are less common than they used to be in pickup trucks and large SUVs. That's because older manual transmi…Read More

  4. Transmission repair

    Transmission Rebuilds—A Step-By-Step Guide

    Not every transmission shop or general automotive shop is capable of performing full custom transmission rebuilds in-house. At Ralph's Transmission, this service is one of our specialties. A rebuilt transmission can offer better long-term performance if the work is done right. It can be less expensi…Read More

  5. The interior workings of a car.

    What Grinds Your Gears?

    Grinding gears is a common sign that you might have a transmission problems. You can hear—and usually feel—the gears grinding awkwardly when the vehicle shifts from one gear to another. It may be more apparent in certain gears or it may be a constant issue. It can happen in both manual and autom…Read More

  6. The Ralph's Transmission logo on the tin of their location.

    Customer Appreciates Honest Referral from Ralph’s Transmission

    Kamilah was worried that she needed to replace the transmission in her car. It wasn't running right and she was told by someone else that the transmission was likely the problem. Thankfully, she was referred to Ralph's Transmission for a professional diagnosis. "I took my car in for what I was told …Read More