1. Does Your Truck Feel Sluggish? It Could Be a Transmission Issue.

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  2. Central Valley Residents Are Talking About Ralph’s Transmission!

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  3. When Does it Make Sense to Get Your Transmission Rebuilt?

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  4. 6 Reasons Why Your Gears Are Grinding

    Grinding gears is one of the most common signs of a transmission problem. It means that the clutch isn't completely disengaging from the engine while the gears are still rotation. However, there are numerous reasons why it could be happening. In some cases with a manual transmission, it's actually u…Read More

  5. Ralph’s Transmission Rebuilds Transmission for Dodge Ram Owner

    Steve has put a lot of mileage on his Dodge Ram since he bought it. This truck is his workhorse and he depends on it every day. Recently, the check engine light in Steve's truck came on and he began experiencing transmission problems. The vehicle wasn't shifting smoothly when he was towing a trailer…Read More

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  7. Need Help with Financing Your Transmission Repairs?

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  8. The Attitude of Gratitude

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