1. A red GMC truck in a clearing, surrounded by pine trees.

    What Causes a Truck Transmission to Fail?

    Today's truck transmissions are more similar to standard car transmissions than ever. A vast majority of vehicles on the road these days have automatic transmission systems. Manual transmissions are less common than they used to be in pickup trucks and large SUVs. That's because older manual transmi…Read More

  2. Transmission repair

    Transmission Rebuilds—A Step-By-Step Guide

    Not every transmission shop or general automotive shop is capable of performing full custom transmission rebuilds in-house. At Ralph's Transmission, this service is one of our specialties. A rebuilt transmission can offer better long-term performance if the work is done right. It can be less expensi…Read More

  3. The Ralph's Transmission logo on the tin of their location.

    Customer Appreciates Honest Referral from Ralph’s Transmission

    Kamilah was worried that she needed to replace the transmission in her car. It wasn't running right and she was told by someone else that the transmission was likely the problem. Thankfully, she was referred to Ralph's Transmission for a professional diagnosis. "I took my car in for what I was told …Read More

  4. The Ralph's Technician team standing in front of a corrugated tin wall with the logo.

    Central Valley Pride Since 1969

    Ralph's Transmission is proud to be in the Central Valley. This is our home and we aim to be an integral part of our community. Our transmission repair shop has been located in the same spot on 9th Street in Downtown Modesto since 1969. Ralph Perry was the original owner, hence the name, and his fam…Read More

  5. Transmission repair

    Why You Need a Transmission Repair Specialist

    Not all automotive repair shops are the same. Many offer general repair services and can handle quite a lot of vehicle problems. Then, there are specialists who focus on very specific maintenance services and repairs. That's exactly what we are at Ralph's Transmission. We are one of the leading tran…Read More