1. Got a Heavy Duty Truck? Trust it with Ralph’s Transmission!

    Though Ralph's Transmission works on vehicles of all shapes and sizes, we especially love heavy duty trucks. From specialty service trucks to big, beefy American pickups made by Ford, Chevy, GMC and Dodge, they are our favorite types of vehicles to work on here at our downtown Modesto transmission s…Read More

  2. Stand out

    Maintaining Your Truck’s Transmission

    When you drive a larger vehicle like a truck or SUV, it is very important that you take care of the transmission. Remember that it is heavier by nature and there are reasons why we own these bigger vehicles. You might have a full-size SUV to transport your family all around town. You might have a tr…Read More


    Philip was on his way home from Oregon when his 2007 Chevrolet Avalanche began acting strange. It was having trouble shifting between 2nd and 3rd gears, and the vehicle was struggling to get faster than 40-45 MPH. Also, he noticed a transmission line had busted and was leaking transmission flu…Read More