At Ralph’s Transmission, we service all types of transmissions. We do standard transmission fluid and filter changes, minor transmission repairs, complete transmission rebuilds and everything in between. Ralph’s Transmission in Modesto is the Central Valley’s one-stop shop for all things transmission.

When it comes to major transmission repairs, we always make sure you are presented with your options. We’ll sit down with you and explain exactly what’s wrong with your transmission and exactly what it will take to repair it. The most common question we get is what the difference is between making targeted repairs and doing a full custom rebuild of the entire transmission.

We never hide the fact that Ralph’s Transmission specializes in full custom transmission rebuilds. It’s a great service that we offer and one which you won’t find at all other transmission shops. Each of our transmissions are rebuilt in-house by our expert technicians. Each solitary nut and bolt is removed. All good parts are cleaned and reinstalled. All worn or faulty parts are replaced with new components. When completed, the transmission will run like new again—a guarantee that is backed by our industry-leading 3 Year, 100,000 Mile Warranty!

Though we may ultimately recommend a full transmission rebuild, we will always walk you through your options so you can decide for yourself. Once the internal inspection is performed, we’ll break down which components may need to be replaced and what labor needs to be performed. In many cases, by the time you add up all the individual repairs, it is actually less expensive to do a full rebuild. Sometimes it is not. That’s why we walk you through everything. Our goal at Ralph’s Transmission is to never upsell you on unnecessary transmission repairs. We’ll fix only what needs to be fixed at a fair price.

There may be a situation where your transmission needs a lot of repairs that theoretically add up to slightly less than it would cost to do a full rebuild. Keep in mind that all transmission rebuilds at Ralph’s Transmission are done a flat rate and there is no up-charge for parts (you pay wholesale prices just like we do). For a little more money, you may opt to do the rebuild instead of the a la carte repairs because it’s worth it to have a completely rebuilt transmission backed by the full warranty instead of a partial warranty. Either way, it’s completely up to you.

If you have transmission problems or want more information about the transmission rebuild services and warranty program at Ralph’s Transmission, give us a call at 209.526.1909 or schedule your service appointment online.