There are often three options to consider when you have major transmission problems and significant internal damage:

  1. Repair
  2. Replace
  3. Rebuild

Transmission repairTransmission Repair

A transmission repair generally means that the damaged parts are replaced. It may get you back on the road relatively quickly, but it might not be a dependable long-term solution. Generally, when one part inside a transmission fails, it tends to have a snowball effect. Some of the other components may not fail right away, but can experience excess wear and tear as a result of other malfunctioning elements in the transmission system. A failing torque converter may be the main problem, but that has an effect on just about everything else inside the transmission. Replacing only the torque converter right now may be fine, but there’s a chance that other parts start to fail later and end up causing issues with the new torque converter. A repair may be your least expensive option. However, it may not be your best solution depending on the extent of the internal damage.

Transmission Replacement

Another option you may be faced with is replacing the transmission entirely. Sometimes, the damage is beyond repair and a replacement is recommended. This is more common with general auto repair shops who may not have enough transmission expertise to make the repairs or perform a rebuild. You are then looking at buying a new, used or refurbished transmission, which will be more expensive. A new OEM transmission from the vehicle manufacturer will provide you with the most peace of mind as a long-term solution, but will be very costly. A used or refurbished transmission can save you some money, but there are obvious risks involved with installing a previously used transmission in your vehicle.

Transmission Rebuild

Lastly, a transmission rebuild may be recommended. This is one of our specialties at Ralph’s Transmission and we’ll tell you why. A full custom transmission rebuild will be more expensive than simple repairs or individual part replacements. It may even cost you a bit more compared to a used transmission replacement. It will generally be much less expensive than a new transmission replacement, though. The main benefits of a transmission rebuild is long-term performance and peace of mind. The process involves breaking down the transmission completely. All healthy components are professionally cleaned and reinstalled. Any damaged or worn parts are replaced with new or quality refurbished parts. The transmission is essentially rebuilt from the ground up and carefully tested to make sure it is running like new again.

You are reinstalling the original transmission back into your vehicle, so it will fit perfectly and function properly with your engine and drivetrain system. However, it is completely rebuilt and running like it’s brand new, so you know it will be more dependable. In fact, we back all transmission rebuilds at Ralph’s Transmission with our industry leading 3 Year, 100,000 Mile Warranty for added confidence!

Worst-Case Scenario

Some transmissions are damaged beyond repair and a rebuild may not even be an option. In these extreme cases, a replacement may be your only option. At Ralph’s Transmission, we can help find you the best and most affordable new, used or refurbished transmission to match your vehicle and install it properly for optimum performance.

To learn more about transmission rebuilds or to get your transmission inspected to see which solution is right for your vehicle and budget, call Ralph’s Transmission today at 209.526.1909 or schedule your service appointment online.