Transmission repairNot all automotive repair shops are the same. Many offer general repair services and can handle quite a lot of vehicle problems. Then, there are specialists who focus on very specific maintenance services and repairs. That’s exactly what we are at Ralph’s Transmission. We are one of the leading transmission and drivetrain repair specialists in the Central Valley.

It’s Good to Have a Specialist

Think of it like going to the doctor. You have your general family practitioner that you’ll see for physicals and common ailments. Then, you have a variety of medical specialists that you may need to visit for specific health problems. There are cardiologists, ENTs, OBGYNs and other doctors who have specialized fields of focus. You aren’t going to go to your general practitioner for a brain surgery. You will get referred to a brain surgeon.

Obviously, your automotive needs aren’t nearly as important as your health needs, even if some vehicle issues feel a bit like life or death. You depend on your vehicle every day and you need it running right. Transmission problems can make it hard to get where you need to go. You may not be able to drive at all if the transmission is acting up.

Your Vehicle’s Mechanical Brain

We brought up the brain surgery metaphor for a reason. Your transmission is kind of your car or truck’s brain, at least the part that controls its key motor functions. Your engine (the heart) provides power, but then your transmission (the brain) controls its actual movement. It distributes power out to the drive wheels for controlled acceleration and deceleration. It’s what keeps the car moving down the road at the desired speed.

Keeping Your Transmission Healthy

We don’t want to confuse anyone too much with silly metaphors. The point is you need your transmission to be healthy. This is why it is beneficial to work with a transmission specialist when it comes to maintenance and repairs. It is a very complex system with many moving parts. Whether you need major transmission repairs a standard transmission maintenance service to replace the transmission fluid and filter, Ralph’s Transmission has you covered. We also specialize in full custom transmission rebuilds, which are performed in-house by our expert technicians and backed by our industry-leading 3 Year, 100,000 Mile Warranty.

If you are having transmission trouble or just need preventative maintenance, turn to the Central Valley transmission specialists at Ralph’s Transmission. Call us today at 209.526.1909 or schedule your service online.

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