The interior workings of a car.Whether your transmission is acting up or it’s just been a long time since you last had your transmission inspected, you can bring your vehicle into Ralph’s Transmission in Modesto for a free transmission inspection. In addition, we will provide free diagnostic testing, and if necessary, a road test. Below is what you need to know about our inspection process.

Road Test

If you are experiencing transmission problems (slipping gears, trouble shifting, rough shifting, fluid leaks, etc.), it is a good idea for one of our experienced transmission technicians to take the vehicle for a short drive to try and replicate the issues. A quick road test can often tell us a lot about what’s wrong with the vehicle, whether it’s a transmission concern or something else. This helps narrow down our focus when it comes to the physical transmission inspection.

Diagnostic Testing

We have transmission diagnostics specialists on staff, who will hook your vehicle’s computer system up to our advanced diagnostic testing equipment. In many cases, specific sensors will be tripped when there are transmission issues. These will provide fault codes when running diagnostics, which again help us hone in on what the problem is as we proceed to the next phase of inspection.

External Transmission Inspection

We will then perform a thorough external inspection of the transmission. The transmission is not removed from the vehicle for this procedure. Our technicians will look over the transmission housing, fluid lines, seals and other key components. They will inspect for transmission fluid leaks, cracks and other damage. They will also check the transmission fluid to see if it is at the proper level and quality. Sometimes, the problem is something as simple as a worn gasket or loose connection. Your vehicle may just need some minor adjustments or a standard transmission service to replace the fluid, filter and pan gasket.

Internal Transmission Inspection

If internal transmission damage is suspected, we will recommend a full internal inspection. This will involve removing the transmission from the vehicle, so our technicians can open it up and look inside. This allows us to properly inspect the torque converter, gear box and other vital transmission components. We look for excess wear and any damage that could be causing trouble.

Transmission Inspection Report

Once the inspection(s), diagnostics and road testing are complete, one of our Service Advisors will provide you with a detailed transmission inspection report. We will walk you through our findings and any recommended repairs or maintenance services, along with accurate price estimates for parts and labor. Then, you can decide if you want to proceed with our services, or if you want to take your vehicle elsewhere for a second opinion.

Please understand the internal transmission inspection, road test and diagnostic tests are all performed for free at Ralph’s Transmission. However, there will be a small transmission removal/reinstallation fee if an internal inspection is required. That fee will be waived if you decide to proceed with the recommended repairs.

If you are experiencing transmission problems or just want extra peace of mind that your transmission is in good shape, call Ralph’s Transmission today at 209.526.1909 or schedule your service appointment online.

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