"Financing Available with 90 Days No Interest Same as Cash!"At Ralph’s Transmission, we have a number of customers each week who come into our shop and end up not getting any repairs. We’re more than happy to provide free transmission diagnostics, road tests and external inspections to help you figure out what might be wrong with your vehicle. We can even provide towing to our Modesto repair facility if you live within 30 miles and aren’t able to drive the vehicle here.

Edgar recently visited Ralph’s Transmission because he was having trouble with his 2014 Honda Accord. The car was kicking and not shifting properly in lower gears. Our initial inspection and testing revealed that there were serious internal problems with his CVT transmission. Unfortunately, continuously variable transmissions are more difficult to repair or rebuild, so often the best solution is to replace the entire transmission assembly. We let Edgar know the bad news and he declined further service for the time being. At the very least, he now knows what’s wrong with his vehicle and can always come back to our shop when ready for the repairs.

“I went in because I was having transmission issues,” Edgar says. “The front desk customer service there is beyond 10/10 great friendly honest people! Never been to an auto shop and walked out with smile! Highly recommended place!”

Another customer, Shana, was in the very same boat a couple weeks later with her 2013 Nissan Maxima. Her car also has a CVT and wasn’t shifting properly in low gear. Diagnostic tests on her vehicle revealed several fault codes. The inspection found that her transmission fluid was very dark and discolored, which is a common sign of internal failure. Again, a replacement of the CVT transmission assembly was recommended and Shana decided not to take care of the service at this time.

“They are very friendly, kind, caring and most importantly professional while making me feel good about taking my car there” Shana says. “They did a free diagnostic check on my transmission. Nissan dealership wanted to charge me over $200 to check it. Ralph’s was honest with me and gave me my quote. I am saving up for the cost of the repair and will definitely take my car back to them for any repairs needed after I have a new transmission installed.”

We understand not everyone has the money put away to deal with major transmission repairs, but we are always going to tell it like it is so you know the condition of your transmission and what services are recommended to address any serious problems. It is important to note we do offer special financing programs if you need help with your transmission repairs. Just let us know how we can help.

Call Ralph’s Transmission today at 209.526.1909 or book online to schedule your free transmission inspection and diagnostics.