Chris was a little apprehensive about bringing his 2014 Ford Focus to an independent auto repair shop. He typically only trusts it with his dealership. However, he knew there was something wrong with his transmission. The check engine light was on and the vehicle was struggling to get past 35 MPH. After not getting the answers he wanted from his dealer’s service department, Chris decided it was worth bringing to a Central Valley transmission specialist for a proper diagnosis and repairs. He turned to Ralph’s Transmission in Modesto, CA. Even after the repairs were completed, he still wanted to take his time and let the results speak for themselves.

“I waited to give a review in order to allow some time to pass to see if the repairs stood the test of time,” Chris says in his recent Google review. “I am very impressed. Their service is very reliable. Their customer service was truly professional.”

After the initial inspection and diagnostics at Ralph’s Transmission, it was found that many components within Chris’ clutch assembly were simply worn out. This happens naturally over time, so it made sense to replace the entire clutch assembly with a new one. This included the primary clutch assembly, actuator, clutch release bearing and clutch release forks.

During inspection, our transmission technicians also noticed a transmission fluid leak coming from the rear main engine seal. It was recommended that the rear main engine seal be replaced and synthetic transmission fluid be refilled. Chris agreed to these additional services and our team went to work doing what they do best. Once all the repairs were complete, the vehicle was road tested to make sure everything was working properly.

“You definitely get what you pay for and I mean that in a good way,” Chris adds. “For the longest time I thought the dealer’s service department was the most reliable, but Ralph’s Transmission shifted my thinking on that regard.”

Thank you, Chris, for putting your trust in Ralph’s Transmission and we’re glad that we proved our worth. Just remember these repairs are under warranty. If you ever experience any further issues, just let us know.

For anyone in the Central Valley area in need of transmission, clutch and drivetrain repairs or maintenance services, call Ralph’s Transmission today at 209.526.1909 or schedule your service appointment online.

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