It’s one of the simplest of parts on any vehicle, but it is also one of the most important. Unfortunately, it is also one that is commonly overlooked by auto repair shops when they work on engine or transmission repairs. We’re talking about the rear main engine seal.

What Does the Rear Main Seal Do?

The seal is located where the engine’s crankshaft connects to the transmission. This is a part of the vehicle where there is a lot of action happening to make it run. This is where power from the engine is transferred to the transmission. The seal is there to provide a stable connection while also preventing leaks. Being made of rubber, it can get corroded or weakened with time and normal use. If it does start to leak, then it can lead to major problems, usually within the transmission.

Make Sure It Is Inspected

Any time we inspect a transmission at Ralph’s Transmission, we always pay special attention to the rear engine seal. If that isn’t doing its job, we make sure to replace it when reinstalling the transmission. The good news is that it’s a very inexpensive part and it’s easy to replace, so there’s usually no reason not to take care of it when making transmission repairs. It’s just amazing how many customers have come into Ralph’s with transmission problems that couldn’t be solved elsewhere. Many issues are traced right back to a simple faulty rear main engine seal.

If you are experiencing engine or transmission problems and are having your vehicle checked out, make sure the technician inspects the rear main engine seal. If they are not, they are overlooking a very important component that will impact the health of both your engine and transmission.

Your Local Transmission Repair Experts

When you experience transmission problems, trust Ralph’s Transmission to take care of any and all issues. Our technicians are transmission experts and they inspect every detail to make sure that nothing is overlooked. Sometimes the problems are minor and can easily be fixed before major concerns develop. In other cases, the damage is already done and major transmission repairs are required. We’ll find out exactly what’s wrong and give you detailed advice, so you can make an informed repair decision.

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