An image of a drop plopping into water.If you ever look under your vehicle and see a transmission fluid leak—or any fluid leak for that matter—you will not want to wait to get your vehicle looked at immediately by a transmission expert. Transmission fluids can vary in color, but most are bright red and easy to identify. You can usually tell a transmission fluid leak by the location. If it’s under the center of your vehicle where the transmission is located (not under the engine compartment or radiator, where other fluid leaks may commonly occur), then it’s likely a transmission fluid leak.

Why You Need Transmission Fluid

Your transmission needs healthy fluid that is filled at the desired level. It keeps parts properly lubricated and cooled during operation. If there is not enough fluid running through the system, then you risk vital components seizing up or destructive metal-on-metal friction that can cause major internal damage that will be costly to repair or rebuild. A transmission fluid leak indicates that one of the seals (such as the transmission pan gasket) may be worn or, in a worst-case scenario, there could be a crack in the housing. It may be something minor, or it could be the sign of internal damage that you will want to get repaired as soon as possible.

Beyond looking for any transmission fluid leaks, you can keep an eye on the fluid quality and levels. You might have the right amount of transmission fluid with no leaks, but the fluid itself could be old, dirty, gunky, milky, burnt or full of metal shavings. In this situation, you may just be overdue for a standard transmission service to replace the fluid, filter and pan gasket. Or, contaminated fluid could be the sign of more significant internal damage.

Central Valley Transmission Repair and Maintenance

It is best to deal with a transmission specialist when it comes to inspecting your transmission and handling maintenance services or internal repairs. If you are in the Central Valley, Ralph’s Transmission is here to help you with all your transmission care needs. Whether you are just due for a standard service or you think you might have a transmission problem because of a leak, a warning light or some other sort of shifting issues, our team of transmission technicians will perform a free inspection and let you know exactly what we find. Then, we can present you with our service recommendations and a fair price estimate before you authorize any repair work to be done by our transmission specialists.

To schedule your transmission inspection or maintenance service, call Ralph’s Transmission today at 209.526.1909 or book your appointment online.

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