Though transmission repairs and maintenance services are the lifeblood of our business at Ralph’s Transmission, we work on all aspects of the drivetrain and driveline. Axles, differentials, transfer cases, U-joints (universal joints), CV joints (constant-velocity joints) and other important components work directly in conjunction with the transmission system to keep your vehicle moving forward with desired speed and handling.

What is a Differential?

The differential is one of the more complex and vital components in the drivetrain of modern vehicles. It precisely controls the power being emitted from the engine and transmission out to each of the drive wheels. It sits in the middle between either half of an axle. As you drive, the differential provides constant adjustments to manage the speed of each wheel. It is especially important while cornering because one wheel must rotate faster than the other to maintain a consistent velocity.

Depending on the drive set-up of your vehicle, you will have one or two differentials. A front-wheel drive vehicle will have a front differential. A rear-wheel drive vehicle will have a rear differential. An all-wheel-drive or 4×4 vehicle will have both front and rear differentials.

What is a Transfer Case?

Transfer cases are found specifically on 4-wheel drive (4×4) vehicles like trucks and SUVs. They work in unison with the transmission and the front and rear differentials. A transfer case helps control the power being sent to each of the differentials, which in turn manage the power being sent out to each of the drive wheels. If the transfer case or either differential isn’t working properly, you won’t get proper performance out of your 4WD system.

Differential and Transfer Case Repair & Maintenance

Like any automotive systems, differentials and transfer cases require servicing sometimes. The gear oil can get corroded or dirty, so it may need to be replaced. Seals and other key components should be inspected periodically and cleaned/replaced as needed.

If there are major internal problems within a differential or transfer case, then you will typically have repair options. Sometimes, the whole thing may need to be replaced. At Ralph’s Transmission, we often rebuild transfer cases and differentials just like we rebuild transmissions. Bad parts are replaced while good parts are cleaned and reinstalled.

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