Winter weather can be tough on your car’s transmission. We get colder weather and rainier skies this time of year in the Central Valley. Below you will find 3 simple, yet very helpful, tips from the transmission specialists at Ralph’s Transmission, your transmission shop in Modesto, that will help you take better care of your transmission this winter season.

1. Let Your Car Warm Up in the Morning

Driving while the engine is still cold can put extra strain on your transmission. When it’s really cold out, let your engine warm up a little longer before hitting the road.

2. Check and Replace Your Fluids

Winter is a good time to have your transmission fluid checked and, if needed, replaced. Colder temperatures can cause transmission fluid to be a little thicker and you want to make sure it is lubricating properly this time of year.

3. Have Your Seals Checked

Cold weather can affect certain parts of your transmission and that can cause leaks. In addition, extra grease, moisture and grit can get kicked up into your car’s undercarriage when the roads are wet from rain. That can also cause more wear on transmission seals, joints and gaskets.

When you maintain your transmission properly, your car will run smoother and you are less likely to encounter any other vehicle problems. During these wet and cold winter months, it’s even more important to take care of your vehicle’s transmission.

For more transmission care tips or to schedule transmission maintenance services, contact Ralph’s Transmission at 209.526.1909 or make an appointment online today.