One of the most common signs of a transmission problem is when it begins to “slip” between gears. If your vehicle has a manual transmission, you can usually feel it when you are shifting, especially if it happens between one specific gear and another. In an automatic transmission vehicle, it can be a little more difficult to tell if the gears are slipping.

However, there are a few telltale signs that you can look out for:

  • The vehicle feels sluggish and is slow to accelerate
  • The engine revs loudly when you press the gas, but the vehicle doesn’t accelerate like usual
  • Whining noises, grinding gears or significant vibrations
  • The vehicle suddenly shifts into neutral while driving
  • You are having trouble manually shifting between gears
  • You press the clutch pedal and nothing happens

Causes of a Slipping Transmission

Any of these signs can be telling you that there is something wrong with your transmission. One of the gears may be damaged or there could be an issue with the transmission fluid. The transmission filter might be clogged or one of the lines could be damaged. When the proper amount of transmission fluid isn’t flowing through the system (whether it’s too much or too little oil), it can cause the gears to slip and possibly lead to more significant internal transmission damage.

Central Valley Transmission Repair

At the first sign of a slipping transmission, you will want to bring your vehicle into a transmission specialist like Ralph’s Transmission in Modesto, CA. We are the Central Valley transmission experts you can count on for a proper diagnosis and quality repairs backed by strong warranty programs. In many cases, a slipping transmission is a fluid issue and you may just need a standard transmission service to replace the transmission fluid, transmission filter and pan gasket. This is a routine maintenance procedure that should happen periodically to help ensure the health and performance of any transmission over time.

If there is internal transmission damage, then Ralph’s Transmission can perform a thorough inspection to assess the faulty components. We will recommend what repairs are required to fix the issue. If the damage is severe, a full custom transmission rebuild may be your best long-term option. Either way, our team will let you know exactly what’s wrong and we’ll walk you through your repair options.

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