We’re not even halfway through February and we’ve already gotten a lot of positive customer reviews this month. All the reviews on the Ralph’s Transmission website have received 5-star ratings. We have also maintained a 5-star rating on Facebook. And though our ratings aren’t technically a full 5.0 on Yelp! or Google, they are still very high. And, it is worth noting that we haven’t received anything less than a 5.0 rating from any individual customers that posted reviews since the new owners of Ralph’s Transmission (Mario & Maria Jauregui) took over the shop in the fall of 2015.

Now, we’re not talking about these high customer service ratings and positive customer reviews just to brag about Ralph’s Transmission. We welcome this feedback because it continually inspires us to keep getting better. Some customer comments offer constructive criticism that we will always listen to. If there are improvements we can implement, you can be sure will take them into consideration. Whether it’s customer service qualities, technician training, transmission repair strategies or shop technology, we always want to be pushing our approach further.

Many of the customer reviews this month have been short and sweet, but we’re happy to hear anything back from those who visit our shop. Donald just says “AWESOME!!!” Paul comments: “I will definitely recommend Ralph’s Transmission shop to everyone I know. They have the best customer service and provide excellent job performance.”

“Ralph’s was so very professional but also has a very family felt atmosphere,” adds another customer, Alex. “They are quick to find out and kno what the problem was and is. Their prices are very affordable and quick to fix the problem. Thank you so much.”

We received one short review this month from a woman named Maria. She simply said “I did like your service.” When we see something like that, we can’t help but think to ourselves that she only “liked” her experience at Ralph’s Transmission. That’s fine, but she didn’t “love” it. You can bet that’s going to motivate us even more to make sure that everyone who comes into the shop walks away loving their transmission repair service experiences here!

If you’ve been to Ralph’s Transmission and haven’t written a review, we’d love to hear from you. We welcome any feedback you can provide because it drives us to strive for excellence in everything we do. We take our “Commitment to Quality” mantra very seriously.