When owners, Mario & Maria Jauregui, took over Ralph’s Transmission in Downtown Modesto last year, they had grand visions. A full renovation of the shop and office to have everything fully modernized. A bold and aggressive marketing campaign to bring more customers into the shop. A heightened focus on customer service that’s based on treating people right.

Perhaps most important of all was the goal to hire only the best mechanics, transmission specialists and customer service professionals. After all, a commitment to quality begins with having the right people doing the work.

The business has grown and evolved faster than Mario & Maria could have ever imagined. New customers keep coming into the shop while repeat customers gladly return because they have such good service experiences at Ralph’s Transmission. As the business grows, so does the need for bringing in more staff to handle the shop’s day-to-day needs.

Mario is actively seeking candidates to fill a variety of positions at Ralph’s Transmission. First and foremost are the transmission specialists who handle all aspects of transmission repair at the shop. These positions include transmission rebuild experts, R&R specialists and transmission diagnosticians. Ralph’s is looking for candidates who are experienced, knowledgeable, motivated and drug free.

Likewise, Ralph’s is also in need of more customer service representatives to handle the needs of customers who come into to the shop. These positions include service advisors to sales representatives. Above all else, candidates applying for these positions should be great with people and put the needs of others before their own. Though some experience in the automotive industry is a plus, no experience is necessary for these customer service roles. Mario will provide full training for all new employees.

Competitive pay is offered for all Ralph’s Transmission personnel, along with benefits and other great employee incentives.

Ralph’s Transmission prides itself on having a positive work environment and a strong team dynamic. As more good people join the team, exciting growth will continue to happen at this shop. “It’s all about having the right people,” Mario says. “When you have positive, energetic and knowledgeable employees all doing their parts, amazing things will happen!”

For more information or to apply for these positions at Ralph’s Transmission, click on the links below:

Service Advisor

Customer Service Representative

Transmission Specialists (R&R, Rebuilders, Diagnosticians)