Raul was concerned about his work truck, a 2014 Chevy Silverado. He uses it every day and puts a lot of mileage on it. So when the engine would start to cut out and make funny noises after exceeding 45 miles per hour, he knew something had to be fixed.

“I had a buddy take his truck to Ralph’s Transmission, and they did a great job,” Raul says. “So when my company truck transmission went out I called Ralph’s and I met Mario.”

After a full inspection and diagnostic review of the transmission, it was determined that the primary issue was being caused by a faulty torque converter. With that not functioning properly, it was affecting other components within the transmission. A full transmission rebuild was recommended.

The biggest concern that Raul had was the turnaround time. He needed his truck to do his job and couldn’t survive without it for long. The team at Ralph’s Transmission understood why Raul’s worries because we deal with work vehicles all the time, in addition to cars, trucks and RVs of all shapes and sizes. “I was very excited when Mario told me he could turn it over in a day,” Raul says.

The Ralph’s Transmission rebuild experts then did what they do best. They dismantled every piece of the transmission. The good parts were cleaned and any worn parts were replaced. A new Saxco torque converter was installed as the transmission was completely rebuilt from the ground up. Once reinstalled in the truck, thorough road testing and diagnostics were performed to make sure the transmission was running like new again. It has to be perfect because we back every transmission rebuild with the Ralph’s Transmission 3 Year, 100,000 Mile Warranty.

“They were very professional, and when all the work was completed I was very satisfied,” Raul adds. “Thanks for the great job.”

Raul even came back less than a month later to have Ralph’s Transmission replace the transmission filter on his 2000 Cadillac DeVille. Creating loyal customers like Raul is what it is all about for the team at Ralph’s. His story is just one of many that represents our Commitment to Quality Since 1969.