At Ralph’s Transmission, we aim to provide a level of service that creates customers for life. We want people to know they can trust us to provide honest advice and high-quality transmission repair work. Case in point is Brian and his wife. He was having trouble with his work van—a 1997 Ford E-250. It seemed to be slipping between 1st and 2nd gears, especially when the vehicle was running cold.

“You will have new customers for life,” says Brian and his wife. “After calling around to several companies, Ralph’s Transmission seemed to be the most honest company I could find. They took the time on the phone with me to properly explain everything.”

It’s important to understand a customer’s situation before they even bring their vehicle in for transmission service or repairs at Ralph’s Transmission. Our service advisors take the time to listen to their story and answer any upfront questions they might have. Obviously, Brian’s van was very vital to his daily work routine, so they needed the vehicle looked at as soon as possible.

It’s also very important that our technicians get a hands-on look at your vehicle. We can perform thorough diagnostics tests and inspections to uncover the source of any transmission or drivetrain problems. Until we see a car up close, it really is a guessing game as to what kind of repairs need to be made. It’s a general rule of thumb that you can never fully trust an over-the-phone repair quote unless you know exactly what repairs are required.

“I had called a couple of other companies prior to calling them, and simply by speaking with me on the phone, both of those companies suggested that I need a new transmission,” Brian adds. “Took it down to Ralph’s and it turns out all it needed was a service.”

After road testing and inspections/diagnostics, the technicians at Ralph’s could find no major problems within Brian’s transmission. A standard transmission service was recommended to replace the old transmission fluid and filter. After this service was completed, the van was running just fine. In the end, Brian ended up spending less than a couple hundred dollars compared to the thousands it would have cost him to replace the transmission per the other shops’ sight-unseen recommendations.

“Most honest company I have ever met,” concludes Brian. “I would highly recommend them to anyone I know. Thanks again for being so honest and getting our van back to us so quickly.”

Our team was happy to have helped out Brian and his wife with their transmission concerns. Now they know they can count on Ralph’s Transmission for exceptional customer service any time they need transmission help.

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