Jessica wanted to help her son out. The check engine light in his 2007 Chevy Silverado came on and initial diagnostic tests shows that it was the transmission code. They feared that they might have to replace the transmission or have it rebuilt. Jessica decided to bring the truck into Ralph’s Transmission for a professional inspection from a reputable Central Valley transmission specialist.

“They were so friendly and helpful,” Jessica writes in her recent online review. “They looked at it and said ‘Good news, we can save you a lot of money!'”

Our transmission technicians performed a standard external inspection. One of the first things they check is the transmission fluid as it is often an indicator of internal transmission issues. The fluid level was full and the fluid looked healthy. A road test revealed that the truck was not running correctly in 1st or 4th gears.

Meanwhile, our diagnostics expert at Ralph’s Transmission performed standard diagnostic tests. Several fault codes were revealed, but the most concerning was for the Shift Solenoid A. This solenoid controls the flow of transmission fluid into the valve body as an automatic transmission is shifting from gear to gear.

This led to what we call Phase II Diagnostics, which is a more in-depth diagnostic review of a specific fault code. After everything was looked at carefully, it was determined that shift solenoid A had shorted out. The recommendation was to replace both the A and B solenoids while also performing a standard transmission service to replace the automatic transmission fluid, filter and pan gasket.

“They were so friendly with my son and go all the work done in one day!” Jessica adds.

Jessica, thank you for writing your review and we’re glad everything worked out well for you and your son. This story shows why it pays to work with a transmission specialist who might be able to help you avoid unnecessary transmission repairs when the specific problem is identified correctly. Though transmission rebuilds and replacements are often needed when the internal damage is beyond repair, many cases are simple parts replacements such as this. You never know for sure until you have a transmission expert like Ralph’s Transmission perform thorough diagnostic testing and inspections.

If you need transmission repairs or need a transmission problem solved, call Modesto’s own Ralph’s Transmission at 209.526.1909 for expert service with a friendly hometown approach. Or, you can also book your service appointment online.