Shawn first brought his 1982 Jeep C27 into Ralph’s Transmission in Modesto back in February of 2017. At that time, it had a multitude of clutch, transmission and drivetrain issues that required repairs. The transmission technicians at Ralph’s looked over the vehicle carefully and found numerous problems. The front and rear differential had to be serviced and the clutch assembly had to be replaced. The transmission also had a leak that called for a replacement of the bell housing case. All the services performed were covered by warranty.

Several months later, Shawn noticed another transmission fluid leak. Knowing it was still under warranty at Ralph’s Transmission, he brought his Jeep in and the repairs were taken care of with no problem. It turned out to be a faulty front input seal that was easily replaced with a new one.

Then just recently, Shawn noticed that the rear universal joint (u-joint) appeared to be loose and was rattling around. Though it wasn’t necessarily related to his original repairs, he knew he could count on the team at Ralph’s Transmission to get the job done right.

“Brought my vehicle in recently for an emergency repair,” Shawn writes in his online review. “Not only did they take care of the issue quickly and effectively. They went above and beyond, as they covered the parts and labor as they said ‘We last touched it, and should have caught it then.'”

Technically, the new repair of the u-joint was unrelated to the repairs made at Ralph’s Transmission nearly two years prior. Any number of things could have caused the joint to weaken over that time. However, Shawn was a valued customer still under warranty from his original visit to our shop, so our service team wanted to make sure he was completely satisfied. The u-joint was replaced and he was back on the road in his trusty old Jeep.

“GREAT customer service and went above and beyond my expectations,” Shawn adds. “Mario [Jauregui, owner] and Yvette [Ramirez, service advisor] are fantastic!!”

Shawn, thank you for trusting your Jeep with Ralph’s Transmission and sharing your story. We’re always here to help whenever you need us.

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