Frank thought he needed a complete transmission fluid flush for his 2003 Toyota Corolla. He knew Ralph’s Transmission in Modesto had a great reputation, so he brought his car into our shop for the service. Ultimately, Frank was pleasantly surprised with the honest service he received.

“The thing I liked most out of my experience with Ralph’s Transmission was the honesty and truthfulness of the initial quote,” Frank says. “The first thing I was told was that it was not good practice to flush a transmission on a car like ours, meaning age and mileage without a history of prior service on the transmission. Doing so might do more harm than good.”

A full transmission fluid flush is actually not a good recommendation with many cars, especially an older vehicle when we don’t know the complete transmission service history. The transmission technicians at Ralph’s Transmission inspected Frank’s vehicle and ran diagnostics tests. Our team found that the fluid inside the transmission pan had some discoloration and the vehicle was definitely due for a standard transmission service. However, a full fluid flush would likely do more harm than good in his vehicle. This would save Frank some time and money with just a standard transmission service that included changing the fluid in the transmission pan, cleaning the pan and replacing the pan gasket and transmission filter.

“Prior to going to Ralph’s, I had received a quote from another shop in town,” Frank adds. “I approached them with the same request. I was not told that it might be worse for my car than good. I appreciated that immensely! The staff were all professional and knowledgeable, and their prices were fair. I would recommend Ralph’s Transmission to anyone needing the services they provide.”

Frank, thank you for the kind words and endorsement of Ralph’s Transmission. We’ll be here to help if you ever experience any transmission problems or for future preventative maintenance services.

For anyone in Modesto or throughout the Central Valley area, Ralph’s Transmission is the name to know for honest customer service and exceptional transmission repairs. Call our shop today at 209.526.1909 or schedule your service appointment online.