Your vehicle’s transmission has many significant components. Some are fairly minor parts while others are major, and they all must be maintained to keep the transmission running properly.

Standard Transmission Service

Standard transmission service is recommended every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. Various factors will impact this frequency, including the age of the vehicle/transmission, driving conditions, type of vehicle, type of transmission, and so on. It’s best to consult with a transmission specialist to understand when you might be due for your next transmission service.

A standard transmission service will typically include changing the transmission fluid, replacing the transmission filter and replacing the transmission pan gasket. You can buy kits and attempt to do it yourself, but a transmission service is messy work and a more complex process than changing your oil and oil filter. It’s something you want to make sure you do right or your transmission may not perform properly. Also, be sure and get the right transmission pan gasket. You’ll find they come in many different shapes and sizes to fit specific transmission designs.

The Transmission Pan Gasket

We’ve talked on this blog before about transmission fluid and transmission filters, so now we want to put a special focus on the transmission pan gasket. This relatively thin little piece of rubber is vital to the performance and health of your transmission. It sits between the transmission pan and the transmission housing, and it is there to prevent transmission fluid leaks from the transmission pan.

If you do experience a transmission fluid leaks, bad things can happen. Not only will that leaking fluid cause a mess and potentially interfere with other vehicle components. Leaking fluid eventually leads to not having enough transmission fluid in your transmission. Transmission fluid is vital because it lubricates all the key parts and keeps everything moving. When the transmission fluid gets low, components start to grind together (metal on metal) and it can lead to thousands of dollars in repair—perhaps even a full custom transmission rebuild or a complete transmission replacement if the damage is significant enough.

Transmission Maintenance

So needless to say, the transmission pan gasket performs a very important function and you want to make sure it is in good shape. Have it replaced periodically along with the fluid and filter as part of standard transmission services. If you notice a transmission fluid leak (usually bright red in color), your transmission fluid level is low (there is a separate transmission fluid dipstick in your engine compartment) or your gears are starting to slip or grind, it’s worth getting your transmission inspected as quickly as possible.

Oftentimes a simple transmission service or replacement of a minor part such as a transmission pan gasket can help prevent major transmission damage in the future. At the first sign of any transmission problems, bring your vehicle into Ralph’s Transmission for a free inspection. Our experienced technicians will perform a simple external inspection and diagnostic test to let you know if there’s anything wrong with the transmission pan gasket, fluid or filter. If problems are detected a full internal inspection may be recommended in order to look at key components such as the housing, gear box, rear main engine seal and other important parts.

Whether it’s a simple service, parts replacement or a major transmission repair, Ralph’s Transmission has you covered. We have been a trusted Central Valley transmission shop since 1969. Call us today at 209.526.1909 or schedule your service appointment online.