Ralph’s Transmission is proud to announce our newest advertising partnership with “The Hawk” 104.1 FM. They are known as the Central Valley’s most popular classic rock radio station, as well as home to Oakland Raiders football coverage. Ralph’s Transmission will be sponsoring traffic segments and football game broadcasts.

Perhaps the best endorsements for Ralph’s will come from one of the station’s most well-known DJs, Richard Perry. He’s a Modesto native with a longstanding appreciation for Ralph’s Transmission. He considers our shop to be one of Downtown’s two most famous landmarks along 9th street (the other being the arch). He’s also a past customer of Ralph’s, so he knows that we do quality work and stand behind what we do. That’s why we offer an unheard of 3 Year, 100,000 Mile Warranty on every transmission rebuild done in-house by our expert team of transmission specialists.

At Ralph’s Transmission, advertising is important because there are so many ways to get the word out about our service. You’ve likely seen our billboards and bus benches all around town. You can find us on Facebook, as well, which is the best way to follow our weekly blog posts. And very soon, you’ll be hearing our radio spots on “The Hawk” 104.1 FM during your daily commute, while listening at work or while listening to Raiders games. Our mechanics listen to the station all the time at the shop, so we look forward to hearing the advertisements.

Keep your ears open because the Ralph’s Transmission is on the air! Thank you to everyone for the continued support. Our loyal customers are what drive us every day to uphold A Commitment to Quality since 1969.