We were recently contacted by someone at Air Doctors, which is a leading local HVAC company. They called Ralph’s Transmission because one of their service vehicles was having transmission problems. We were happy to help!

“One of our service vans was having transmission problems, clunking while driving,” says the Air Doctors representative in his online review. “I cringed at the thought of being at the mercy of the transmission shop that would diagnose it as needing to be rebuilt or replaced.”

custom transmission rebuild isn’t always necessary unless there are major issues. That’s why we carefully inspect and test the transmission to get to the root of the problem. Sometimes it is a simple fix. Sometimes a part or two needs to be replaced. In certain cases, a full rebuild backed by our 3 Year, 100,000 Mile Warranty is recommended. Ultimately, we provide our expert assessment and let the customer decide how they want to proceed.

“Mario listened and had a tech test drive it,” the customer adds. “The repair was a pretty simple bushing, seal and much-needed service. It was only several hundred dollars and the vehicle is back out making money. Thanks everybody at Ralph’s Transmission for being honest. They even notified us about the service engine light code issue that needs attention. Thanks again, Air Doctors.”

At Ralph’s Transmission, we were on many service vans, trucks and company cars. Whether you have a single work vehicle that needs transmission repair or maintenance, or you have a fleet and want to talk with us about our fleet account services, give Ralph’s Transmission a call today at 209.526.1909. Check out our other online reviews and see what our customers are saying about our Commitment to Quality.