Evangelina was recently in an accident that did some significant damage to her 2012 Ford Focus. Eventually, the transmission started acting up and was not running right over 30 MPH. Evangelina knew she had to get it checked out by a professional, which is why she turned to Ralph’s Transmission in Modesto.

After a thorough internal inspection, the technicians at Ralph’s Transmission discovered that the damage inside the transmission was beyond repair. There were damaged parts and major failures that would cost too much to fix and there wasn’t even enough salvageable to do a custom transmission rebuild, which is one of Ralph’s specialties. Normally, we recommend a full rebuild when there’s significant internal damage, but in some rare cases the only option is to replace the entire transmission.

Our shop manager was able to track down a used transmission for the vehicle. It was still in great shape, and it was exactly what the car needed to get back on the road. Once the new transmission arrived, we installed it in the Focus, tested it in the shop and ran a road test to make sure everything was working properly. As part of the reinstall, the Ralph’s Transmission team also performed a transmission cooler flush with the hot flush machine. This would help ensure that the new transmission would work better once installed.

“This place is amazing,” says Evangelina in her online review of Ralph’s Transmission. “Krista [Graham] helped me the most and she had the best customer service I’ve ever seen. She helped me through every step. I’d definitely recommend this shop.”

Evangelina’s story just goes to show why it’s important to bring your transmission into a shop that specializes in transmission repairs and rebuilds. At Ralph’s Transmission, we will explore every option to achieve the best possible results. Whether it’s minor repairs, major repairs, a custom transmission rebuild or a complete transmission replacement, we’ll get the job done right and help you make informed repair decisions.

If you have transmission problems, bring your car, truck or RV into Ralph’s Transmission in Downtown Modesto. Give us a call at 209.526.1909 or schedule an online service appointment.