Unfortunately, a blown transmission is something that can happen to any vehicle, whether it’s just a few years old or around for decades. One minor component could fail and lead to catastrophic damage. And obviously, without a functioning transmission, your car won’t be driving anywhere.

So what happens when you have a transmission that is damaged beyond repair? You essentially have three primary choices. You can replace it with a brand new transmission from the original manufacturer. You can replace it with a used transmission. Or, you can have your existing transmission rebuilt, refurbished and reinstalled. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons for each option.

New Transmission Replacement

If you want to take no risks and have the money to spend, you always have the option of buying a brand new transmission and having it installed in your vehicle.


• You’ll have a new transmission

• Covered by original manufacturer’s warranty

• No mystery as to where the transmission came from or what it’s been through


• Brand new transmissions are very expensive!

• May take extra time to order new transmission from dealer and have it installed

Used Transmission

You may be able to find a used transmission for sale that will work in your car. You will likely save some money (at least compared to buying a new transmission), but finding a matching transmission isn’t always easy and you aren’t always going to be 100% sure of what you are buying.


• You will save money compared to new transmission purchase


• May not be covered by warranty

• Mystery about the source of the transmission (where it came from, what it’s been through)

• More susceptible to problems because it’s used equipment

• May be difficult to track down a matching transmission for your vehicle

Rebuilt Transmission

Another option is to have your transmission rebuilt by a transmission rebuild expert. This is one of our specialties at Ralph’s Transmission. The transmission is broken down to every single nut and bolt. Good parts are cleaned and reinstalled while any bad components are replaced. The transmission is rebuilt from the ground up so that it is essentially running like new again.


• Can be done in-house at Ralph’s Transmission in a matter of days

• Covered by 3 Year, 100,000 Mile Warranty

• Guaranteed to perform like new again

• Already certain to fit and work in your vehicle because it’s the same original transmission

• Much less expensive than a new transmission and often cheaper than buying/installing a used one


• More labor involved

• Price may vary depending on internal components that need to be replaced

Whether you choose to have a new or used transmission installed, or you decide to have it rebuilt in our shop, Ralph’s Transmission has you covered. When it comes to transmission rebuilds, we charge a flat-rate labor fee to perform the rebuild (no matter what type of transmission or how complicated the job is) and any parts that are needed will only cost you wholesale rates. We do not mark-up any parts prices like the other guys. You pay what we pay. We’ll get your transmission running like new again and back it with our industry-leading warranty.

If you have transmission problems, bring your vehicle into Ralph’s Transmission in Modesto. We’ll give you a detailed diagnosis. We’ll let you know if you just need routine transmission service, minor repairs or a transmission rebuild/replacement. Then, we’ll offer fair pricing and fast service so you can get back on the road as soon as possible. Call Ralph’s Transmission today at 209.526.1909 or book your appointment online.