Brian knew his 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 heavy duty truck had some major transmission issues. He noticed a transmission fluid leak and the vehicle was not shifting properly. Brian regularly pulls a trailer with this truck, but it just didn’t have the power it used to. He knew it was time to get some repairs, so he brought his Ram into Ralph’s Transmission in Modesto, CA.

“Well, so far so good,” Brian wrote in his first review on the Ralph’s Transmission website. “Good labor isn’t cheap and cheap labor isn’t good. I am impressed with their turnaround rate. Put my truck in the shop on a Wednesday and was able to drive out of there Friday at the end of the day. I am impressed.”

After a thorough inspection by our diagnostician and transmission repair technicians, several problems were found. The rear main engine seal definitely needed to be replaced, as that was the cause of the transmission fluid leak. More importantly, the torque converter in Brian’s truck had completely failed. This is what led to the shifting issues and ultimately resulted in even more internal damage.

The repair recommendation was to do a full custom transmission rebuild. The transmission was removed from the truck and broken down. Every single component was inspected. The parts that were still good were cleaned and reinstalled while any damaged parts were replaced with new ones. The transmission was rebuilt from the ground up and reinstalled before road testing was performed to make sure it was working properly. A custom rebuild is a very detailed process that our specialists excel at, which is why we back every transmission rebuild with the Ralph’s Transmission 3 Year, 100,000 Mile Warranty.

“Superb service,” Brian added in a separate review he posted on Yelp. “These guys are worth it. Will use again in the future. Very professional!”

Brian later went on to post an update on his Yelp review after he had some time to put his truck to the test:

“Update: OK so I finally got to work my new rebuilt transmission out,” he writes. “Went up a few grades pulling my trailer. It worked like a charm. I had no doubt it would. It pulled so well it almost felt like there was nothing behind me. I am very happy with the work that was done and will send everyone that needs it to Ralph’s. Great work guys!”

Thanks for posting your reviews and sharing your story, Brian. We’ll be here to help anytime you ever need transmission service on your truck or any other vehicles.

Speaking of trucks, we just installed 5 new heavy duty lifts in the Ralph’s Transmission repair facility. We absolutely love working on trucks and service vehicles, whether they are for personal use or part of a work fleet. If you’ve got a truck that needs transmission work, call Ralph’s Transmission today at 209.526.1909 or schedule your service appointment online.