Richard drives a 2003 Dodge Ram 3500 Dually and the check engine light recently came on. He believed it was a transmission issue, so he decided to bring his heavy duty truck into Ralph’s Transmission in Modesto for a proper inspection and diagnostic testing.

“Heard about Ralph’s on KAT Country Radio,” Richard says. “I thought I had a major issue and was staring at a big repair bill. Erica [Alcazar, Service Advisor] kept me informed as to the status of diagnosing the problem and ultimately the repairs required. As it turns out, they identified the problem and saved me money on parts.”

First, the Ralph’s Transmission diagnosticians ran tests to see what was causing the check engine light to come on. The test revealed possible issues with the transmission solenoid and it appeared to be more of an electrical issue than anything. Upon further inspection from the technicians, it was discovered that an aftermarket anti-theft device was installed. It was wired incorrectly and it was interfering with the electronics of the powertrain control module.

The first step was to deactivate the anti-theft device, but there were still some electrical failures after that was done. Ultimately, it was determined that there was an internal failure within the powertrain control module itself. The recommendation was to replace the powertrain control module.

Once Richard authorized the repair work, the Ralph’s Transmission team installed a new powertrain control modules. Further diagnostic testing was done along with a proper road test to make everything was working as it should.

“Mario and crew, thanks for doing an excellent job,” Richard adds. “I’m happy to recommend you!”

Richard, thanks for trusting your truck with Ralph’s Transmission. We are glad everything worked out and you were able to avoid major transmission repairs. We’re always here to help if you ever need any more work done on your Dodge Dually.

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