Eric was frustrated, and for good reason. He brought his 2004 Dodge Durango into another Modesto transmission shop for a standard transmission service. However, only four months later, he was having transmission issues.

“My transmission would periodically kick into limp mode and I would have to reset it in order to drive in any gear except 3rd,” Eric says. “I never had this problem before the service and the other shop stated that it was not their issue as the problem had nothing to do with the service they performed. Well, then I took it to Ralph’s Transmission!”

Having already had a bad experience at a different local transmission shop, Eric was understandably skeptical about the service he’d receive at Ralph’s Transmission. He’d seen the good reviews and ratings online, however, and was hoping for a little redemption.

“As I walked into the office, I felt as if I was walking into a high-end race team’s headquarters,” Eric says about his first impressions of Ralph’s. “The place was immaculate! The people in the office at Ralph’s Transmissions are very knowledgeable and experienced.”

Once Eric was comfortable entrusting his vehicle to our team, the transmission technicians at Ralph’s performed diagnostic testing and an external inspection to determine the problem at hand. Ultimately, it was discovered that the solenoid pack had shorted out and that was the source of his issues. We were able to replace the solenoid pack, perform a new transmission service (replacing transmission fluid, filter and pan gasket) and get Eric back on the road as quickly as possible.

“They had me back on the road before they originally stated they could,” Eric adds. “What an amazing experience. Thank you Ralph’s. If you want my advice, do not waste your time, money or emotions going anywhere else. Take your transmission to Ralph’s!”

Thank you, Eric, for putting your faith in Ralph’s Transmission and sharing this wonderful review of your experience. We are so glad everything worked out and your transmission problem was able to be resolved quickly.

For anyone in Modesto or the surrounding Central Valley communities in need of transmission services or repairs, count on the friendly hometown transmission experts at Ralph’s Transmission. Call us today at 209.526.1909 or schedule your service appointment online.