Christine owns a 1993 GMC pickup truck with well over 200,000 miles on it. With a truck and transmission that old, there are bound to be some issues every now and again. Fortunately, she is very good about taking care of her vehicle and has been able to keep it running for more than 25 years. Recently, Christine realized that she had some significant transmission problems. The truck wasn’t shifting into 2nd gear properly, and when it did shift into gear it simply did not feel right.

Christine knew she had to take her GMC into a Central Valley truck transmission expert, so she brought her vehicle into Ralph’s Transmission in Modesto for a free inspection and professional transmission repairs.

“My experience with Ralph’s Transmission was so positive,” Christine says. “The front office ladies were a delight.”

After our transmission technicians ran diagnostics and inspected the transmission, the problem was found to be the powertrain control module. It was failing, and that’s what was causing the shifting issues. In addition, it was noted that the transmission fluid was very dark and discolored, so a standard transmission service was also recommended along with replacing the powertrain control module.

The team at Ralph’s Transmission took care of the repairs and maintenance. Then, we road tested the truck to make sure everything was working right once again. Christine was able to get back on the road quickly and the transmission issue was resolved.

“I definitely liked the work and how efficient a job they did,” Christine adds. “I will recommend them to anyone.”

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