1. "Financing Available with 90 Days No Interest Same as Cash!"

    Need Help with Financing Your Transmission Repairs?

    The holiday season can be one of the most frustrating times to deal with automotive repairs. You need your vehicle to get around, especially if you plan to travel over Christmas or New Year's. You depend on it every day, so it's really inconvenient if you experience transmission problems this time o…Read More

  2. An image of a raw transmission part pulled from a car.

    Differential vs. Transfer Case: What’s the Difference?

    Though transmission repairs and maintenance services are the lifeblood of our business at Ralph's Transmission, we work on all aspects of the drivetrain and driveline. Axles, differentials, transfer cases, U-joints (universal joints), CV joints (constant-velocity joints) and other important componen…Read More

  3. A billboard for Ralph's Transmission.

    We Love SUVs, Too!

    We've made no secret at Ralph's Transmission that we are fond of trucks. We specialize in heavy duty work trucks and all types of pickups. We just love working on trucks! However, it is important to note that we work on all types of vehicles. And just like big trucks, we also love working on SUVs. S…Read More

  4. The Ralph's Transmission posing in front of side of the shop.

    Why We Love the Central Valley

    Ralph's Transmission has been in the same location on 9th Street in downtown Modesto since 1969. For 50 years now, this has been a leading local transmission shop that Central Valley residents have been able to turn to for quality service and exceptional customer care. And though ownership changed h…Read More

  5. Ralph's Transmission billboard "We Love Trucks."

    Got a Heavy Duty Truck? Trust it with Ralph’s Transmission!

    Though Ralph's Transmission works on vehicles of all shapes and sizes, we especially love heavy duty trucks. From specialty service trucks to big, beefy American pickups made by Ford, Chevy, GMC and Dodge, they are our favorite types of vehicles to work on here at our downtown Modesto transmission s…Read More

  6. A man inserts a new part in the underbelly of a car.

    Why Your Automatic Transmission Needs Servicing

    The transmission is one of the most important systems in your car. If your automatic transmission isn't working right, you will notice it. The vehicle may not shift properly or accelerate normally. If there is a major transmission problem, your vehicle may not move at all. What is an Automatic Trans…Read More

  7. An image of a raised black, Ford truck.

    Maintaining Your Truck’s Transmission

    When you drive a larger vehicle like a truck or SUV, it is very important that you take care of the transmission. Remember that it is heavier by nature and there are reasons why we own these bigger vehicles. You might have a full-size SUV to transport your family all around town. You might have a tr…Read More

  8. The Ralph's Transmission shop.

    Need a Tow? Need a Ride? Ralph’s Transmission Has You Covered!

    At Ralph's Transmission, we understand that it can be an inconvenience when you need major transmission repairs or even if  you just need to come by the shop for a standard transmission service. That's why our goal is to make the process as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Free Towing and S…Read More