Solenoids are very important components within your vehicle’s automatic transmission system. They are electro-hydraulic valves that effectively control the flow of transmission fluid. They open and close with precise timing linked to the speed sensors in your engine. The solenoids and torque converter are unique components that will be found in automatic transmissions that ultimately help automate the shifting process.

Solenoid Failure and Potential Transmission Damage

Like any automotive parts, solenoids can fail or weaken over time and sometimes will have to be replaced. Because the transmission system is so complex and dependent on the transmission fluid flowing properly, significant internal transmission damage can occur if solenoids aren’t working as they should. If they are letting too much transmission through during shifting (or too little), it will lead to problems.

Signs of Solenoid Problems

At the first sign of any transmission trouble, you should bring your vehicle to an expert transmission specialist. In the Central Valley, the transmission shop to turn to is Ralph’s Transmission, which is located in Downtown Modesto. We even offer free towing and transportation within a 30-mile radius.

Here are some of the symptoms you might notice that could be signs of a failing solenoid or other transmission problem:

• Delayed shifting of gears

• Rough/choppy shifting

• Vehicle won’t downshift

• Engine continues to rev when you are applying brakes

• Transmission stuck in neutral

Professional Solenoid Repair

If a solenoid fails and the issue is detected early, the solenoid pack can be replaced before any more transmission damage is done. However, it is still worth getting a full inspection and diagnostic testing from professional transmission technicians to make sure there isn’t anything more beyond the solenoid(s) causing problems. Oftentimes, the fluid itself is bad, which would require a standard transmission service or a complete fluid flush.

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