This is the way a business should be run. Transmission developed a problem with lockup after another related issue. Technicians identified both problems. First, service transmission and found excessive metal shavings so rebuild was recommended. Erica went over everything with me and my options, very upfront and transparent. We choose to go ahead with repairs, before I left the shop the transmission was already out and on the bench. I needed the vehicle the next week and was concerned it would not be ready, not at Ralph’s they had the transmission finished and installed the next day. They also picked up an UBER for me to take me home. The related problem with the ABS was diagnosed and problem communicated the next day repaired then vehicle tested. Transmission completely rebuilt and secondary issue repaired in 3 days, back on the road shifting better than it ever has, incredible. What is more incredible this is not the exception but the rule at Ralph’s, this is the way they do business day in and day out. I have done most of my own maintenance and repairs all of my life, transmissions the exception as I know my limits, so the first thing I look at is the shop and crew. Owner Mario asked if I wanted the tour, showed me how they run the shop and the professionals they hire. Shop was immaculate and staff highly specialized and trained, a model of efficiency. Owners Mario and Maria have created the model for what auto repair should be, I’ve never seen better and I am very critical. The icing on the top is that this is a family run business with the values, ethics and professionalism that is seldom seen in today’s businesses. They have earned my business and my trust, I highly recommend them to anyone.

David Barboza