“Me and my 2010 Jeep Liberty have been around the block, “so to speak” and have been to various mechanics and repair shops. Ralph’s Transmissions employees are excellent and provide superior customer service. I’m in no way associated with them nor am I writing this for any body other than any future customers that may get ripped off and to let them know about my experience. I will definitely be back. Mario is one of those rare people that still genuinely care about their customers. I first took my Jeep to the dealership and they wanted $150.00 for diagnostics and then $5000.00 minimum for a new transmission plus labor. Mario diagnosed for free and then Erica called me for an appointment and then went step by step through the process and made sure I truly understood the breakdown of charges and what the problem was. Not only did they save me over $2000.00 but they financed the charges on the repair of my transmission and they didn’t charge me over $5000.00 that the dealership wanted for a “NEW” transmission.

Ray Lugo