I think that I couldn't take it in the world's in get that kind of service that I got Edwards more than a 100% satisfied people are very friendly very polite did go out of the way to help me and take your my knees I think thus the best customer service to anyone can get

Eric, thank you for your review and we are glad you had a positive service experience at Ralph's Transmission! —Mario Ralph's Transmission
5 Ralph’s Transmission & Auto Repair 9/5/2018

These guys are the best around. Mario and his staff are professional and knowledgeable. I will always come here for my transmission needs...

Edward, thank you for your review and your loyalty throughout the years. We are always here to help you with any transmission needs you have. Thanks! —Mario Ralph's Transmission
5 Ralph’s Transmission & Auto Repair 9/4/2018

Well so far so good. Alot said this shop is expensive. One thing you have to understand. Good labor isn't cheap cheap labor is not good. I am impressed with there turn around rate. Put my truck in the shop on a wensday was able to drive it out of there Friday at the end of day. Great work and if anything goes wrong I will update my review. For now it's great! I am impressed.

Brian, thank you for putting your trust in Ralph's Transmission. Rebuilding a transmission from scratch is no simple task and yours required a lot of new parts, yet it is still generally a much more cost-effective solution compared to buying a brand new one for a truck like yours. And, it will be much more reliable (and backed by our warranty) than installing a used unit, which could come with any number of surprises down the road. We know you will be satisfied, and we stand behind our warranty if you do ever have any issues. Thank you. —Mario Ralph's Transmission
5 Ralph’s Transmission & Auto Repair 9/1/2018

Amazing service very helpful and communicative and above all patient especially dealing with autoshield who jerked us around for 2 weeks!! Once we figured out what we were going to do ... my transmissuon was fixed and car ready to go in less than 48 hrs!!!!

Jessica and Mitch, thank you for your patience as we worked through the issues with Auto Shield. We are glad everything worked out and your transmission is ready to rock again! Please let me know if you ever need anything else. —Mario Ralph's Transmission
5 Ralph’s Transmission & Auto Repair 8/27/2018

What a great experience. ..stayed in touch...explained everything very clearly so I could make a decision on exact repairs. Didn't try to "sell"me anything extra.Had car back by end of day....runs beautifully! 5 stars well deserved!

Sherry, we appreciate your business and you taking the time to share your review. We take a lot of pride in our communication because we want customers to make informed decisions about their transmissions. It's worth taking that extra time to explain things and answer any questions you have. Thank you! —Mario Ralph's Transmission
5 Ralph’s Transmission & Auto Repair 8/24/2018

Best service ever!!!! I wish every business took care of you the way Ralph’s Transmission does

Jerry, thank you for the review. Customer care is so important to us at Ralph's, so we really appreciate your comments. Thanks! —Mario Ralph's Transmission
5 Ralph’s Transmission & Auto Repair 8/24/2018

Great service, very pleasant experience.. Did a awesome job rebuilding my transmission on my 2005 Ford F-150 FX4 and had me back on the road in a couple of day's. I will be back, Thanks

Ron and Kathy, thank you for trusting Ralph's Transmission with the rebuild of your Ford transmission. You can rest assured knowing it's covered by our warranty, so if you ever need anything just give us a call! —Mario Ralph's Transmission
5 Ralph’s Transmission & Auto Repair 8/23/2018

I read all your amazing review and left me speechless😊 meaning in a good way😊 and I wish I could’ve wrote all those amazing reviews for every single thing they speak about is a type of experience that I had there 😁but let me explain mine a good friend of mine recommended me to go there, and he could’ve brought me to a better place my friend being a mechanic himself recommended this place to me because he no longer has all the right tools do you have done the type of work then my truck needed 😔☹️Yes yes my friend did his best to try to give medicine to my truck for he thought my truck was a little bit sick, yes yes my friend did his best he tried to give medicine to my truck 😔 for we thought that my truck was only a little bit sick 😔☹️ And after doing the best he could my friend was honest enough to tell me that he was at a point without tools he could no longer continue 🤔that my truck was really really really sick 🤒🤒 THATS my friend and his amazing wife recommended me Ralph’s transmissionand 😁not only that he took he drove very carefully my very broken tuck and my self to Ralph's transmissionthrow me😊YES my amazing friend actually he drove my very very sick broken truck down to Ralph’s transmission for my truck was beyond puttinglittle Band-Aid on☹️And or giveing it medicine ☹️My truck was dying ☹️😭It need 100% Ralph’s transmission surgery 😁And yes surgery it did get with one of the best most amazing untainted integrity!! We’re? At Ralph’s transmission and Mario, amazing staff and group of mechanics I have ever met that place is so tidy and clean and they’re so well organized and attentive and polite oh gosh oh gosh it’s so difficult to describe such an amazing business is just so difficult to express it 😔Just with a few😔😊😁😍😳 words and or few mojos 🤭😔😊😁😍👋😃😀😄😇😇😇OH OH their honesty and kindness and professionalism is beyond words I got to the point that it brought tears to my eyes I’m a 64-year-old woman that know nothing about cars yet they spoke to me and explain everything to me 😊😇not taking in consideration the most likely I was not understanding anything they said never the less for them this was their way of saying to ME ☹️ That on the most important customer at that moment they gave me 100% of their attention Yes and it felt great😊😇😔this very small humble woman,felt like Giant😳Mario said we care,we understand you and we got You😔and your truck we’ll be back an road in no time at all,Will have your truck and yourself back on the road will take care of it 😔we we’ll work with you 😔For Mario I’m a very very important customer and it was important to Mario that He / they would go through all these details,Of explaining what would be done to my truck to the most Simpleless of details whether I was a woman or not 😔to me That translated to 100% respect and it spoke volumes of their integrity😊Gush😔😔we don’t have much good people left in this earth 😔😔( sometimes I feel that way )and it’s amazing when I find this kind of professional amazing people 😔😔😊😊😍and I love them for it 😔all they’re amazing employees and Mario Mario he’s in my highest of highest of integrity rating😳😁😊😔that I could ever put a professional individual as himself he was understanding With amazing considerationand listened and heard everything I was saying 😊😔I was important to him and most of all the job that he did on my truck was impeccable my English is not too good😔(sorry, for writing so much😔😊😳😁but I'm happy and very thankful to Mario and roast transmission and general ))So there’s not a rating that I could possibly give to Mario and his staff and Ralph’s transmission in general 😇😔😊that would rate them high Enough because they broke the rating scale that could rate them high enough😔😊because rating all what I experience for me there is no riding high enough 😔😊For not even reading the max of the highest is high enough 😔😊😊😳For me it’s very difficult to read this type of integrity and professionalism and most of all the gratitude and appreciation goes over the roof I totally 100% recommend Ralph’s transmission because let me tell you my truck runs like a champ and I’m so grateful because they work their best they could around my financial situation because they care and they did not only take care of my truck, they took of me as a human being and I adore and I love people like them 😔😊I have the upmost respect for them 😊😔For normal regular humble people like us and that speaks volumes 😔😊to me because for me they’re the most humble down-to-earth people😔😊I have met 😔😊they supply a taxi for me and one of my friends😀😔plus brought me on the first day, they brought me home back home,so that I wouldn’t be bored waiting for them😔while they checked my truck,they came to pick me up again and then they drove me home and pick me up several times until my truck was finished 😔😊they never never forgot about me and the importance of my truck because they return my truck yes my baby my truck in such amazing running condition 😀these people have made me cry again and again 😔no no not cry in a bad way 😔😊no no because I was Not not disappointed Nor was 😞 sad No no they made me cry because of joy and happiness and they’re amazing hospitality that I received in these Ralphs transmission once again I recommend anybody that feels but they’re tired of getting ripped off or their money taken 😔Go to Raul’s transmission and know that you have a family there that loves you and protect you and will speak to you with 100% truth 😁nothing superficial 😊100% honesty and care for you and your truck oops not only trucks but whatever vehicle you bring to them 😊just know that You will be treated with respect every single inch of the way😃thank you once again many Many many many thumbs up for your business Mario and Ralphs transmission 😁😄😄😄Ramona well be for ever grateful to you all 😃 well well well well I guess there will be no need for personal message here now this rating was it personal and as honest and straight from my heart that it will ever get that’s for sure plus I don’t think I can write anything more on the amazing experience that I had at Ralph’s transmission thank you again Sincerely Ramona and sorry if I made a lot of mistakes but I wrote it from my heart to think you

Ramona, thank you so much for sharing your story and your wonderful review. I think you set the new record for emojis in one review, but I have to admit it feels good to see that many smiley faces from someone talking about Ralph's Transmission. Please let us know if you ever need any transmission help again. We'll be here for you! —Mario Ralph's Transmission
5 Ralph’s Transmission & Auto Repair 8/22/2018

We have done business with Ralph's Transmission for several years. They have provided top notch service and repairs to our vehicles, and we have been very satisfied with repair longevity and warranty follow up when needed. We would highly recommend them for any of your transmission needs. Paul Jacobs Fleet Lead Tech Pepsi/New Bern Transportation Modesto, ca.

Thank you for your review. Our fleet accounts are very important to us and we are always here to help whenever one of your vehicles needs transmission services or repairs. Thank you for your business and loyalty throughout the years! —Mario Ralph's Transmission
5 Ralph’s Transmission & Auto Repair 8/22/2018

You will have new customers for life. After calling around to several companies when my husband's work van started slipping a couple of times Ralph's Transmission seem to be the most honest company I could find. They took the time on the phone with me to properly explain everything. I had called a couple of other companies prior to calling them and simply by speaking with me on the phone both of those companies suggested that I need a new transmission. Took it down to Ralphs and turns out all it needed was a service. Most honest company I have ever met, I would highly recommend them to anyone I know. Thanks again for being so honest and getting our van back to us so quickly.

Brian, thank you so much for sharing your review. Creating "customers for life" is what we're always aiming to do at Ralph's Transmission. It's all about treating people right and doing the best work we can. We look forward to helping you in the future with any transmission repair or maintenance needs. —Mario Ralph's Transmission
5 Ralph’s Transmission & Auto Repair 8/15/2018
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