A man works on the components of a car with it raised over his head.If you are in the Central Valley and experiencing problems with your vehicle’s transmission, Ralph’s Transmission is here to help you with whatever transmission maintenance or repair services you need. Driving around with a bad transmission can be unsafe and minor transmission issues can quickly develop into major problems. You may be able to avoid a transmission replacement or transmission rebuild if you catch problems early on and get them fixed as soon as possible.

Ralph’s Transmission in Modesto will be happy to provide a free initial transmission inspection, which also includes diagnostic testing and a road test. We’ll let you know if there’s anything wrong with your transmission and which services are recommended. Below are some of the most common transmission problems you can look out for when driving:

1. Sluggish Acceleration

When your vehicle seems really sluggish during acceleration—especially when it’s only happening in certain gears or speeds—it may be a transmission issue. It could be an engine problem or something else, as well, but the transmission is the most likely culprit.

2. Transmission Warning Light

Your transmission has a temperature sensor and warning light that will come on if it is overheating. Today’s advanced computer systems may also include other more specific transmission sensors and warning messages to let you know when something is wrong with your transmission.

3. Check Engine Light

The check engine light can illuminate for any number of automotive issues—from oxygen sensors to a loose gas cap. However, it can also come on when there is a transmission problem. We will run diagnostic tests to uncover the fault code and determine the source of the warning.

4. Strange Noises, Feelings or Smells

You may hear your gears grinding when shifting. There may be vibrations, clunks or other odd sounds your transmission makes when you are driving. Any strange noises or smells coming from your vehicle is cause for concern. If you think it might be your transmission, bring it to Ralph’s Transmission for a free inspection.

5. Gears Slipping

Sometimes, your vehicle may slip in and out of gear when driving. This is almost always a transmission problem, whether it’s a failing torque converter or a simple transmission fluid issue.

6. Not Going into Gear

Another common problem is when the transmission is having trouble shifting into certain gears. This happens a lot with lower gears and reverse, making it hard to drive. In some severe cases, the vehicle may not be able to get into gear at all. This is why Ralph’s Transmission also offers free towing within a 30-mile radius. Give us a call and let us help get your vehicle to our shop for inspection.

7. Low or Leaking Transmission Fluid

A transmission fluid leak is definitely a serious problem that you will want to address right away. You may also notice your transmission fluid level is low, or the fluid itself is super thick, dark or milky. You may just be overdue for a standard transmission service, or it could be the sign of more significant internal damage.

If you are experiencing any of these problems or just think you are due for transmission maintenance, call Ralph’s Transmission today at 209.526.1909 or schedule your service appointment online.

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