An outside look at a car part outside of the vehicle.Over the years on the Ralph’s Transmission Blog, we’ve shared plenty of articles detailing signs of transmission problems. Gears slipping, gears grinding, gears not engaging, fluid leaks, sluggish acceleration—these are just a few ways to see or feel that something may not be right within your vehicle’s transmission system.

However, what are the signs of a healthy transmission?

Well, this answer is much simpler. There really is only one sign: that your vehicle shifts smoothly into and between gears while you drive. Whether you have an automatic transmission or a manual transmission, a healthy transmission is probably something you won’t even notice or think about. It will work the way it’s supposed to work and you won’t experience any problems.

In other words, the one sign of a healthy transmission is that there are no signs of trouble!

What Transmission Maintenance is Needed?

Even if your car, truck, SUV or service vehicle is running great, you still need to take care of preventative maintenance. This will include periodic inspections of the transmission fluid and perhaps running diagnostic tests. If you are in the Central Valley and are worried at all about your transmission, you can bring your vehicle into Ralph’s Transmission in Modesto for a free transmission inspection. We’ll be glad to look it over and make sure it’s healthy. If there are potential problems, we will let you know exactly which services we recommend.

What is a Standard Transmission Service?

The primary preventative maintenance needed on a transmission is a standard transmission service. This should take place every 30,000-60,000 miles, depending on the make, model, age, total mileage and how hard to you drive it. If you carry/tow a lot of heavy loads, shift super aggressively, sit in a lot of traffic or drive up and down hills, you may be putting more strain on your transmission than the average driver. It may need a transmission service at earlier intervals.

A standard transmission service will include removing and cleaning the transmission pan, which holds the fluid reserves. The transmission filter and pan gasket will be replaced, and new transmission fluid will be added. Transmission fluid deteriorates over time and can lead to significant internal damage if left ignored. Periodic transmission services will help keep your transmission as healthy as possible.

If you would like to schedule a free transmission inspection or standard transmission maintenance service at Ralph’s Transmission, call us today at 209.526.1909 or schedule your appointment online.

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