Automotive repair can be an unpredictable business. As a leading transmission shop that’s been around for almost 50 years, Ralph’s Transmission has seen just about everything. Even though we specialize only in transmission repair, transmission service and transmission rebuilds, we often help customers with other minor auto repair work when emergencies happen. Edward’s story is quite a dramatic one.

It started simply enough. “I took my Lexus IS-250 to have my transmission checked. I received a full inspection and free quote,” Edward says in his online review. “I needed to have my transmission completely rebuilt.”

During the inspection, the Ralph’s Transmission technicians found that the the torque converter clutch (otherwise known as the second clutch in automatic transmission vehicles) was completely burnt. It caused other significant problems in the transmission, so a full custom transmission rebuild was recommended.

The inspection took place on a Friday and Ralph’s Transmission is always closed on the weekends. Edward explained that he worked in the Bay Area and needed his car completed by the following Friday at the latest. “I was called on Thursday that my car was ready for me,” he remarks.

This wasn’t the end of Edward’s story, though. As he was driving home the next evening, he noticed the car was starting to overheat. This happened at about 7:00pm on Friday. “I called Ralph’s and to my surprise Yvette [Ramirez, Service Advisor] answered the phone. Mind you they close at 5:00,” Edward says. “I explained what happened and without hesitation she called for a tow truck. I let her know that I had my wife and kids with me and she set up an Uber to pick them up and get them home. I told Yvette I did not have a way to get to work in the Bay Area on Monday, and she set me up with a rental car on Saturday.”

We were able to get the car back to the Ralph’s Transmission shop, where the technicians inspected it further first thing the following Monday morning. The problem wasn’t actually transmission related. The rebuilt transmission was still running like new. It turns out that the radiator cap had cracked in multiple places, which caused coolant to blow out and the car overheated. We ordered a new radiator cap from the Lexus dealership, got it installed and tested it thoroughly to make sure the problem would not persist.

“I asked what the cost would be and they told me that they took care of it at absolutely no cost to me, including the rental for 4 days and the tow,” Edward adds. “This is what I call CUSTOMER SERVICE and Yvette was just awesome. Did I mention my transmission rebuild comes with a full 3 Year, 100,000 Mile Warranty! I will most definitely be getting all my transmission services or repairs on all my vehicles at Ralph’s Transmission, and I will recommend them to all of my friends and family. Mario, keep up the great work and customer service!”

We were happy to help out Edward and his family, first with the transmission rebuild and then with the radiator cap issues. We believe strongly in taking care of our customers, and that is the core part of our Commitment to Quality Since 1969.

If you need transmission repairs or service, call Ralph’s Transmission at 209.526.1909 or schedule a service visit online.