Lorraine knew the transmission on her Mazda 3 needed work. It didn’t seem to be running smoothly, so she brought her car into Ralph’s Transmission to get the serviced. It turns out, what Lorraine thought she needed wasn’t really the problem with the transmission. We encounter this all the time.

“Great service,” Lorraine comments in her online review. “I called in for a specific service. Krista took the time to educate me and recommend another service that would be better for my car. I even got a ride back to work while they worked on it!”

When a customer brings in their car for transmission repairs or service, we will always perform the initial inspection for free. Sometimes there’s not even a transmission problem and we’ll refer you to another auto shop for specific automotive repairs. When there is a transmission issue, we will diagnose it and recommend the precise repairs that need to be made.

In Lorraine’s case, the technicians at Ralph’s Transmission ran a full diagnostics check and found no fault codes in the Powertrain Control Module. We then performed a full road test and found the transmission to be running pretty normally. However, when we inspected the transmission fluid, we saw some cause for concern. The fluid level was full, but the fluid was discolored.

The real diagnosis was that a fairly standard transmission fluid and filter service was all that this car needed. The transmission pan was removed and cleaned. The transmission filter and gasket were replaced. Then, new transmission fluid was put in and filled to the proper level.

Lorraine was right back on the road the same day and the standard transmission service was backed by a 6 month, 6,000 mile warranty. She could tell right away that the issue was resolved and the car was running great again. Most importantly, Lorraine felt good knowing that Ralph’s Transmission, your transmission shop in Modesto, saved her money on unnecessary repairs. Our goal is to get the job done right and never “upsell” you on anything.

“Thank you Mario, Maria and Krista for an auto experience that was honest, quick and trusted!” Lorraine concludes.

Thank you to Lorraine for sharing her service experience online. If you’ve been to Ralph’s Transmission recently, please write your own review on our website, our Facebook page and/or our Yelp page. We want to know what you think and so do other customers who need transmission service.