Mark and Andrew knew that their 2007 Nissan Frontier was overdue for automotive service, but then they started having transmission problems. The truck was very sluggish in low gears and wasn’t accelerating properly. They knew they couldn’t wait any longer, so they took it to Modesto’s transmission expert: Ralph’s Transmission.

“The staff at Ralph’s Transmission were very pleasant and very professional in dealing with our misfortune,” said Mark and Andrew in their online review. “They made it very clear what the process of evaluation would be and when the results came in they immediately contacted us to explain what was needed and why.”

When we get a vehicle in the shop that is experiencing transmission problems, the first things we do at Ralph’s Transmission are to perform an external inspection and run diagnostic tests. The diagnostics revealed no fault codes, but the inspection showed leaking transmission fluid. The fluid appeared clean. However, the technician felt it was worth running a glycol test. Sometimes antifreeze or water can get into the transmission fluid stream and it can cause major issues.

In this case, the glycol test came out positive and a full internal inspection of the transmission was recommended. Unfortunately for Mark and Andrew, water had gotten into the transmission and caused some significant internal damage. The only choice was to perform a full custom transmission rebuild to restore the transmission into original working order.

During the final inspection, Ralph’s Transmission technicians also discovered that the rear main engine seal was damaged, along with the oil cooler O-ring and the center support bearing. Those were replaced during the transmission rebuild and re-installation process. There were no labor charges for these additional parts replacements.

“The team at Ralph’s were faster than anticipated in rebuilding the transmission and replacing the valve body,” add Mark and Andrew. “During the final inspection they found an issue outside the transmission, which they replaced labor free. I feel all these things show a higher level of honesty and integrity of the team at Ralph’s Transmission. We highly recommend them to anyone having transmission issues.”

Nobody ever wants to deal with transmission problems, but they happen and Ralph’s Transmission is here to help with the highest quality repairs and the friendliest customer service in the Central Valley. When you need transmission repairs or maintenance services, call Ralph’s today at 209.526.1909 or schedule your service appointment online.