Leeann was beyond frustrated with her 2002 Dodge Durango. It had recurring transmission issues and certain fault codes would always come up any time diagnostics were run. She had brought it into Ralph’s Transmission multiple times in the past to determine the issues, but she could never commit to making the repairs. It had basically been parked in her driveway for almost two years and she was giving up hope. Recently, Leeann knew it was finally time to bring it into Ralph’s Transmission in Modesto to get it fixed right, once and for all.

“The employees at Ralph’s Transmission had more patience with the vehicle than we did,” says Leeann in her online review. “Mario and his crew were determined to make sure it was done right. Well, they did it and got my vehicle fixed and running.”

The Ralph’s Transmission team ran a new set of diagnostics tests and performed a thorough inspection to determine the problems with Leeann’s transmission. Multiple fault codes were found and a leak was discovered in the transmission pan. The transmission fluid level was full, but it was discolored and burnt. Ultimately, our technicians found that the reaction planet was broken and there was a solenoid failure, as well. Once the transmission was disassembled, even more problems were discovered. The best recommendation we had was to completely rebuild the transmission.

“Thanks to them my Durango is code free and can now drive in gear,” Leeann adds. “I was beginning to think I would never get her back on the road, but Ralph’s Transmission made that happen for me and I thank them so much. Again, a job well done. Your work and professionalism is greatly appreciated.”

Thank you to Leeann for sharing her story and providing such positive feedback. We take a great deal of pride in our transmission expertise at Ralph’s Transmission. There is no transmission problem we can’t fix, though a full custom transmission rebuild is sometimes the most cost-effective solution. By the time you add up parts and labor involved with other major repairs, it may make sense to have the transmission rebuilt from scratch. Then, it is running like brand new again and it will be backed by the incredible 3 Year, 100,000 Mile Warranty provided by Ralph’s Transmission.

For all your transmission repair and service needs, or to learn more about our custom rebuilds and warranty program, call Ralph’s Transmission at 209.526.1909 or schedule your service appointment online.