At Ralph’s Transmission, we believe in providing the highest standards of transmission repair around. From full rebuilds backed by our 3 Year, 100,000 Mile Warranty to parts replacements and minor repairs, we approach everything we do with a commitment to quality.

Since 1969, Ralph’s Transmission has been a trusted name in the Central Valley. Our iconic shop located on 9th Street in Downtown Modesto has gone through a major facelift in the past year, thanks to the leadership of new owners, Mario & Maria Jauregui. Our goal is to uphold the strong values of the past while bringing the shop into the future with the best equipment and mechanics around.

Above all else, we strive to do what’s right for our valued customers. We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards of customer service. Just take a look at what some of our most recent clients had to say about their Ralph’s Tranmission experiences…

Soroosh says we’re “The best in the west, with the highest quality” after we performed a custom transmission rebuild for him. Another customer, Levirt, who came in for his own transmission repairs, simply remarks “Great service!”

Even customers who didn’t even need transmission repairs were satisfied with their brief visits to Ralph’s Transmission. Alexus said “Great service all around” when we inspected her car. There were no transmission issues, so we referred her to another general automotive shop to handle the specific repairs she needed. The same was true for Scott. He came in thinking he had a transmission problem, but that wasn’t the case. “Best customer service hands down!” he says. “They came and towed my car down to the shop, at no charge, and looked at it right away. It turned out that it wasn’t a transmission issue. Mario directed me to a reliable mechanic, all without any charge! Thank you for being so helpful.”

Ana is a repeat customer of Ralph’s Transmission. After getting some major repair work completed awhile ago, she recently noticed some transmission fluid was leaking. She brought her car in and we replaced the faulty pump cover at no charge. Ana was back on the road in no time. “Friendly service, nice environment,” she says. “I felt comfortable leaving my car with them.”

The positive praise for Ralph’s Transmission keeps rolling in. Amanda says “Great service, super friendly. I’m super happy I chose to go to this shop to get my Jeep fixed.” Another customer, Kimberly, says “Amazing service with an amazing experience.”

As you can tell, it makes everyone at Ralph’s Transmission feel good to know our customers are leaving the shop satisfied. It’s proof positive that we’re doing things the right way and it inspires us to be our best every day. If you are in need of transmission repairs or aren’t sure what the problem with your car is, call Ralph’s Transmission today at 209.526.1909 or come down to our Downtown Modesto shop. We’ll make sure you and your care are well taken care of. That’s our Commitment to Quality Since 1969.