An image of the entire shop with raised cars.Carlos drives a 2017 Nissan Sentra and recently started experiencing significant transmission issues. It’s rare for a transmission that new to fail completely, but the vehicle was beyond its original warranty and the transmission was damaged beyond repair. If we can recommend a transmission rebuild at Ralph’s Transmission, we will. In Carlos’ case, we had to replace the transmission entirely.

“Very friendly and professional,” Carlos says in his Google review. “In three business days, they installed a new transmission in my 2017 Nissan Sentra.” 

The first step in any transmission service or repair at Ralph’s Transmission is to perform a thorough initial inspection. We bring the vehicle into our shop and run diagnostic tests to narrow down any specific problems there might be. Then, our transmission technicians will complete a free external inspection of the transmission. If significant issues are discovered and the external inspection doesn’t reveal everything, we will remove the transmission from the vehicle and perform an even more in-depth internal inspection.

Once the transmission is inspected, we will be able to walk our customers through our exact findings. We will also provide our repair recommendations and price estimates for parts and labor. For Carlos, we had to track down a replacement transmission and then get the new transmission installed in his Nissan. Once installed, we road tested the vehicle and made sure everything was working properly. We hate to see a relatively new transmission that needs to be replaced, but this was the best solution for Carlos because the original transmission was completely shot.

“It works and drives great,” Carlos adds. “Also, I got a free tow to the shop. Thank you.”

If you are experiencing any transmission troubles in the Central Valley, contact Ralph’s Transmission. We will perform the initial transmission inspection for free, and we also offer free towing to our Modesto shop if you live in a 30-mile radius. Call Ralph’s Transmission today at 209.526.1909 or schedule your next appointment online.

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