A selection of Ralph's technicians holding up various awards.Greg drives a 2009 Mercury Mariner with over 160,000 miles on it. He was concerned he had some transmission problems as the vehicle wasn’t shifting smoothly into reverse. It would also feel a little odd when driving at higher freeway speeds. Greg wanted a professional diagnosis from a local transmission specialist, and he also figured he was overdue for a transmission service. He brought his SUV into Ralph’s Transmission.

“I went in to have a diagnostic done on my transmission and a fluid replacement, but they could only do the diagnostic and they didn’t charge me a penny for it!!!” Greg says. “I scheduled my maintenance for next week and I can understand because they are busy.”

Our transmission technicians were able to run diagnostic tests on Greg’s Mercury, but no fault codes were found. They were unable to replicate the problems described by the customer in the road test. However, a physical inspection revealed the transmission fluid was discolored and a transmission service was recommended. There were also some minor engine oil leaks, which could explain some of the driving issues Greg was experiencing.

We were unable to get the transmission service completed that day of the inspection, but we got Greg scheduled to come back as soon as possible for the maintenance. We were able to drain and replace his transmission fluid on his next visit.

“Let’s put it this way. If you go to a transmission shop and they’re not busy, then you’re at the wrong place!!!” Greg adds. “But as quickly as they got me in for the diagnostic and not charging me for it makes me want to go back and actually have them perform the service.”

It’s rare we aren’t able to squeeze somebody in for maintenance services, but we can get busy. If you know you need a specific transmission service or repair, we highly recommend calling ahead and scheduling an appointment to make sure we can take care of all your needs in one visit.

“It seems that customer service is a lost art especially in these times today,” Greg says.”Glad that there are still shops that operate with great customer service!!!”

Thank you for the feedback, Greg. Please let us know if you ever need transmission help again.

For all your Central Valley transmission repair, maintenance and inspection needs, call Ralph’s Transmission today at 209.526.1909 or schedule your service appointment online.