We recently received a wonderful Christmas card from a couple named Mario & Garieanne. They were recent customers of ours who were extremely grateful of the service they received at Ralph’s Transmission during the holiday season.

“We want to thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for the ‘Christmas Miracle’ you gave us concerning our 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee,” wrote Mario & Garieanne in their card.

Mario & Garieanne were very concerned when their Jeep would stall out every time they came to a full stop, or sometimes wouldn’t move at all. Mario works at an Acura dealership, so he asked one of his co-workers, Robert, for advice. He explained all that could and should be done to fix the car, and then recommended Ralph’s Transmission. Of course, this was all happening just a couple days before Christmas, so the timing couldn’t have been worse.

Mario had his Jeep towed to our Modesto shop, where we performed a complete external inspection and ran some diagnostic tests. Some fault codes were found and a road test confirmed the vehicle would not engage in forward or reverse gears. It was also discovered that the line pressure was very low. After further testing and inspection, the Ralph’s Transmission team found that the filter seal was improperly installed into the pump.

Ralph’s Transmission performed a standard transmission service to replace the transmission filter and faulty gasket. After everything was cleaned and reinstalled, we ran more diagnostics and performed the final road test to make sure it was all functioning properly. In the end, we were able to save Mario & Garieanne money with a relatively simple transmission repair. We also offered a good faith discount.

“We were so touched by this that we cried together,” they added. “You showed us the meaning of Christmas and we will never forget this great act of kindness. May the peace and love of God be with you and your family always.”

Everyone at the Ralph’s Transmission shop was very moved by this card from Mario & Garieanne. It always makes us feel good knowing we’re making a positive impact on the lives of our customers, especially during the holiday season.