A selection of Ralph's technicians holding up various awards.Carlos drives a 2016 Hyundai Elantra. He was concerned when his check engine light came on and his car was sluggish upon acceleration. It would rev loudly and the RPMs would go up, but the vehicle took longer than normal to get up to speed in low gears. With the acceleration issues, Carlos figured it might be a transmission problem. So, he decided to bring his Hyundai to Ralph’s Transmission for a proper transmission inspection.

The transmission technicians at Ralph’s Transmission first ran diagnostic tests for the check engine light and found a fault code relating to the first gear ratio. The external inspection also revealed the transmission fluid was significantly discolored. Finally, a road test of the vehicle confirmed the same sluggish acceleration issues the customer was experiencing. It would slip on the shift between first and second gear, and would intermittently shift into neutral when the car was at a full stop.

The next phase of internal inspection required our technicians to remove the transmission from the vehicle and look inside. The ultimate diagnosis was that the transmission assembly needed to be replaced. A new transmission assembly was installed and fresh transmission fluid was put in the pan. We also replaced the rear main engine seal and engine air filter, in addition to the transmission repairs.

“The workers explained everything and took care of us,” Carlos says. Great prices and great service. I recommend it to anyone that needs a transmission done and the young lady named Erica is number one. She explained everything and was excellent throughout the whole process.”

Thank you, Carlos, for the wonderful review and for putting your trust in the Ralph’s Transmission team. We’re glad to help you get safely back on the road in your Elantra.

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