When Sharon and Rick brought their car into Ralph’s Transmission for transmission repairs, they figured they were in for a pretty standard automotive shop experience. After the personal service and quality work provided by the team at Ralph’s, they couldn’t help but be impressed.

It started from the moment they walked through the door and were greeted by owner, Mario Jauregui, and customer service star, Yvette Ramirez, at the front desk. “Mario and Yvette were very kind and professional,” says Rick. “Mario went over everything that would be done to the transmission.”

Of course, he is referring to the personal consultation provided by Mario, which explains the entire process. He covers the free removal and inspection of the transmission performed by the Ralph’s mechanics and diagnosticians. Then, once the problems are identified, he is able to walk customers through what repairs are needed and what new parts may be required. Ralph’s Transmission offers flat service fees for all transmission repairs and rebuilds with no extra fees for parts. Customers pay the same discounted wholesale prices for any parts, with no mark-ups whatsoever. This is something you won’t find at most other automotive shops.

Sharon and Rick were then impressed by the facilities at Ralph’s, as well as the professional team of transmission experts working throughout the shop. “Their office, shop and workers were awesome,” Rick adds. “Cleanest shop I’ve ever seen.”

The positive service experience didn’t end there, though. After inspection, it was determined that a full rebuild of Sharon and Rick’s transmission was needed. That’s when the transmission rebuild experts at Ralph’s did what they do best. They broke down every component of the transmission, cleaned everything, replaced worn parts and painstakingly put it all back together before reinstalling it in their car. A thorough road test and diagnostics showed that the transmission was running like new again.

“It was a very quick turnaround, so we weren’t without our car very long,” Sharon explains. “I recommend them highly. Their work ethics are way awesome.”

Sharon and Rick were also happy to know that their rebuilt transmission was backed by the exceptional 3 Year, 100,000 Mile Warranty offered by Ralph’s Transmission. “Our guarantee on our rebuilt transmission is 3 years or 100,000 miles,” they remarked. “Check them out!”

The team at Ralph’s Transmission always feel good when another satisfied customer leaves the shop. People like Sharon and Rick are why we strive to uphold such high standards of quality each and every day.