A technician explores the underbelly of a vehicle.Gabriel drives a 2001 GMC Sierra 3500. He noticed that transmission fluid was leaking underneath his truck, and that’s often a sign of transmission trouble. Sometimes, it just means that the transmission pan gasket is worn out and it’s about time for a standard transmission service. Either way, Gabriel wanted to get a professional assessment, so he brought his GMC truck to Ralph’s Transmission in Modesto for a free inspection.

“Very friendly staff at the front desk,” Gabriel writes in his recent Yelp review. “They all seemed very knowledgeable about everything and made me feel confident that my truck was going to be taken care of. Shop looked super clean and professional, really taking their shop to the next level and differentiating from other shops.”

After initial inspection from the transmission technicians at Ralph’s Transmission, Gabriel’s concerns of a transmission fluid leak were verified. There were leaks found along the transmission pan gasket, as well as the case plug O-ring. The fluid was also discolored and clearly needed to be replaced soon. A road test and diagnostic tests confirmed that there were no other major concerns. The truck was simply due for a standard transmission service.

The O-ring and pan gasket were replaced, along with the transmission filter. The pan was cleaned, reinstalled and filled with fresh automatic transmission fluid. The truck was road tested again to make sure everything was running right, and we were able to provide Gabriel with service updates throughout the process. We always want our customers to know exactly what is going on with their vehicles while they are in our shop.

“They called and give me an update,” Gabriel adds. “Really great experience from start to end. I appreciate everyone there. Thank you Ralph’s!”

Thank you, Gabriel, for sharing your review on our Yelp page. You were smart to get your truck looked at as soon as you noticed the transmission fluid was leaking. Fortunately, it was a minor issue this time and only a standard maintenance service was required. No matter what, it’s good to catch something like that before it develops into a much bigger transmission problem.

If you are in the Central Valley and ever notice a transmission fluid leak, don’t hesitate to call the local transmission experts at Ralph’s Transmission in Modesto. Contact us today at 209.526.1909 or schedule your service appointment online.

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